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  1. Legion489

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    Encouraging, Empowering, and Enriching the Preparedness Journey

    So Legion, we've shared PREPARE Magazine's Complimentary Digital Issue with you (with more of them to come each month) and we've opened the opportunity to become a Premium Member or Subscribe to Print Issues... but that's not all that we're about. Nope.
    We're all about Encouraging YOU!

    So, here are two more places that cost you nothing, but may help encourage you along the way.

    Sometimes it helps to HEAR an Encouraging Word!
    Click the image to the right or the black bar below and be connected with Podcasts on Demand that will encourage your preparedness lifestyle.

    This Podcast Station is for YOU. In fact, it's YOUR Preparation Station. The name makes it clear!

    No scare tactics & no hype. Just real life & real people.
    Shows include:
    • Surviving On Shoestrings.
    • The Back to Basics Kitchen.
    • Your Preparation Station.
    • (Coming Soon) The 21st Century Homekeeper.
    • (Coming Soon) Mountain Woman Journals.
    • (Coming Soon) The Joseph Report.
    • and more....
    Be SURE to click the "FOLLOW" button that's there on the Podcast Station so you'll get a notice when new shows are aired!
    Click Here to Listen on Demand & Follow for New Shows!

    Sometimes, SEEING is Believing!
    Follow along a real life journey and see the ins and outs of lessons learned.

    This channel is actually gaining more videos from some of our other channels, so if you subscribe, you'll get to see a lot more soon!
    Click Here to Watch Now & Subscribe for New Videos!

    Until Next time...Remember, YOU CAN DO IT!
    You can be Prepared for the Twists in the Road ahead, Inspire Others & enjoy this Journey.
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  2. DKR

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    ?? Is this an advert, or are you trying to sat this is good material? I'm not clicking without some minimal chat from poster...
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  3. chelloveck

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    @DKR The site seems legit, but very restricted in content unless one chooses to become a "premium subscriber". A login is required to access archival content.
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  4. techsar

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    They put out a decent digital magazine. I didn't opt-in for the print version, so I can't speak for that.
    They average around 9 or 10 editions per year, except for 2012 (their first year)...
    Founding subscriber ;)
  5. Legion489

    Legion489 Rev. 2:19 Banned

    The free mag is not especially great, but it beats the "new" ASG all hollow. Have not got the paid version, but might. I figured a FREE, so what you got to lose by looking at it?, mag would have been of interest to people here. Every one has to learn something for the first time (some of us a few more times than that) so I posted it for those who might like to have something to read.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not know any one who writes for them. I get no money from them. I do not know if anyone associated with them is on the up and up. I have nothing to do with them other than I get a free email of their mag when it comes out. I thought a free survival mag might have been of interest to people.

    ADDED: Mags I pay to get and recommend: BACKWOODSMAN (I could live with less Big Foot however). BACKWOODS HOME (Duffy is a commie which comes up every so often, the writers Libertarian). SURVIVALIST MAG (best mag on the market when the good writers are allowed to write what they want instead of goofy "theme" issues. Some of the editing isn't the best either). FIELD & STREAM/OUTDOOR LIFE (I like F&S better).

    I get nearly all the gun rags and few of them impress me much anymore. Same editor that was at A, went to B, then C, now at D. ALL rags owned by either A, B or C company. Same writers for A, C, D, E, G, and A, B, C, F, G, and B, C, D, E, F, etc., etc., etc. I just get tired of reading the same thing in five or more mags by the same writers all the time, no matter what the rag is.
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  6. Legion489

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    OK, just to keep the whiners happy, I got a paid sub to both ASG and PREPARE Mag.

    After one year of the ASG sub it is totally worthless. Not "mostly" or "generally", I mean EVERY issue for the year was TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY worthless. In my opinion some of the BS they were pushing was dangerously so. I was wondering if I was missing something by reading it off the racks, and I was, I was missing HOW COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY WORTHLESS it is!

    Got a paid sub to PREPARE Mag and after two print issues I am NOT impressed. Maybe I got two crappy issues, after all not every issue of Field & Stream or Backwoods Home or whatever has stuff that interests me every issue. So far the free digital version is "better" (as in I didn't waste money to get it) but like I said that may just be these two issues.
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