Preparedness 2017- How is it going?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Motomom34, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Motomom34

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    With 2017 half way over, I revisited the goals I set for myself and am very happy with all that I have checked off my to-do list.

    My biggest goal was dental. The more I read about dental and the illnesses that are associated with dental problems, I knew it was a must. The children and I have spent hours getting everything done. Cleanings, fillings, wisdom teeth removed and the youngest will be getting braces. I opted for the Invisaline braces because if society breaks down, he will not be stuck with metal on his teeth.

    I attended two- AR academy and another class in civilian first response. I have a series of classes that start this month. I am hoping my up-coming classes will be as good as I hope. I signed up months ago and have been counting down with anticipation.

    I have continued to minimize my stuff. Getting rid of junk, looking for multi-use items and finding a home that is better suited for who we are, what we do without so many people living so closely.

    Next up is health. I made a pact with my friend. She is getting all her health related test, shots and physicals up-to-date and I have agreed to also. No sense in prepping if I am not taking care of me first. The kids will also be getting physicals and all concerns addressed. My older son will be getting shoulder surgery before the end of the year. Not really in the budget but it will not be getting cheaper so we are going for it now.

    With dental and health being so costly, my goal of trading in some guns to consolidate will have to wait. I have a plan and it will happen but it will be pushed back.

    So what about everyone else? Did you all have goals and a to-do list re: preparedness for 2017? Are things getting done or did other issues get in the way and you goals get shifted?
  2. Ganado

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    Great post @Motomom34! Who can eat when their teeth hurt?

    Teeth, health and hidden costs aren't as smexy as guns and gear but they can be much more expensive and if you dont have a dentist or doctor what do you do? Most people dont plan for 'how am i going to eat if my teeth are bad'

    the mouth and the gums are the pathway to the rest of your body. Studies in dental health show that without a healthy mouth your risk increase for heart disease.

    Personally, i have been consolidating. I went to a more integrated garden, composting with worms system and its been an adjustment. I also changed my diet up a bit to add more fat. The worms don't deal well with the fat, they are primarily vegetarian, hehe, fat and meat don't compost well in a worm farm is all I'm saying.

    So I still have outside compost, I haven't gone to container composting outdoors so without adding the normal veggies, my composting system is lagging and smelly. Every change in an integrated system creates challenges to overcome.

    This particular change in my composting and gardening has lead me to thinking, experimentation is a good thing and once again, change is inevitable, adaptation is a must for every situation, including survival.
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  3. techsar

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    2017 has been a good year thus far for us...spring garden did well (too hot for summer) and getting things together for fall/winter. Food, water, firewood, dental, health,clothing, maintenance supplies in good shape...comms are being upgraded to include mobile in all vehicles (yes, we're both licensed).
    Been working with some local folks that have similar concerns on this country's future, getting them slowly up to speed on self-sufficiency.
    In short, it's going well. :)
  4. Tevin

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    Like @Motomom34 this summer I invested a lot of time clearing junk and unwanted clutter from my house. I just got back from hauling away an old chair and a few boxes of bric-a-brac. Thank God I own a truck!

    Cleaning & clearing does not have any direct survival/prepping related purpose, but being organized in general is, so clearing space now is less to sort through later looking for things I really need. It also frees up room for important stuff. I even found a few things worth selling on eBay. So far I've made about $100. Not bad for old crap I forgot I even had!

    I haven't done much to upgrade my ham radio capabilities, but that's not a big issue since my ham radio capabilities are already quite extensive. Earlier this year I purchased a laptop computer dedicated solely to running data modes.

    My priorities right now are more long term: In 4-6 years, I want to sell my house and move to a place more adaptable to getting by when SHTF. Where I'm at now is not bad from a survival standpoint, but I've lived in this area my entire life and I want something else. I know I can do better elsewhere.
  5. Motomom34

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    I met someone who is very much into preparedness. He is making me a list of what he feels my to-do's for the rest of the year should be. I have a feeling that canning squash will not be on the list but we shall see.

    I made the thread on making a grain mill bicycle. I have brought home scraps, the kid and I have gone over different plans and we are very ready to scrap that idea. Our goal was no cost but so far our junk pile is really limited. The kid is learning mechanics, self taught and the more he does, the more his confidence grows. I am so proud of him. He is learning a valuable skill and enjoying himself all the while.

    Another change I have seen in 2017 was our eating habits. Last weekend I was shopping and saw pop tarts on sale. Last year I would have put a box in the cart but I realized, we do not eat that stuff anymore.

    Adaption is a good word. I have learned so much and seen amazing gardens. The traditional garden is no longer my focus. One can grow in all sorts of different setting and ways and you @Ganado have taught me a lot about sprouting etc. which is going okay, not perfected (darn mold) but I have not given up.
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  6. 3M-TA3

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    This year has been pretty stagnant in 3M land. Nothing to report except for the following

    Relocation - Relocation is next year sometime between late spring and late summer depending on when the property sells. Mrs. 3M and I have been spending a couple of hours each night looking at what our focus area has in our budget and comparing notes on what we need and what we want and don't want. It's been helpful in making sure we make the right decision next year. Other relocation aspects are part of the planning area. Relocation will not only make us safer but allow us to be more self sufficient.

    Health - We have been focusing on healthier foods and cooking from base ingredients instead of "heat and eat" or using processed products in our cooking. I am mostly off sugars, the Mrs. is struggling there. The health issues I've had over the last few years are pretty much history. I have recovered about 90% of my strength and 70% of my endurance. I keep pushing. Weight is down. Knees are better. Focusing on the Mrs. needs and that also ties into our relocation plans.

    Dental - Have always had tooth issues. I grew up in an area with very soft water and as I have gotten older my teeth have either worn down or just split and crack. I've made the decision to go ahead and pull them and get dentures. Looking at it from a retirement perspective as well - between now and retirement (ten years) I need to get as many things resolved as I can to keep medical and dental costs low as possible.

    Planning - The biggest part of what we have worked on this year. Frustrating because we can't act on very much until next year. It covers everything from aspects of our property selection, BOL planning and design, garden plans, etc.. It will be fun next year to put things in gear.
  7. Altoidfishfins

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    Good thread Moto.

    Energy - Working on an upgraded solar electric system, one with "grow room" - space for a larger inverter and a doubling of the battery bank size. Also added a more efficient MPPT type charge controller (Outback 80A) and larger gauge wire with a higher insulation temperature rating. Hope to install it at the BOL by the first week of September. The whole shebang is mounted on a pair of six inch I beams such that it can be dragged along the ground with a vehicle. It'll get to the BOL in a small utility trailer. The present one, despite being thrown together in a hurry using surplus 81mm mortar round boxes purchased from a surplus store, has been keeping the microwave going and the beer cold for over ten years.

    Food - Been slowly but steadily putting in freeze dried food and other preps. Arrivals are monthly. The wife established a massive list whereby we can tell pretty much at a glance what and how much we have, where it is, and expiration dates, especially of the canned goods. Prior to BOL visits we will start a shopping list and purchase replacements for those items close to expiration. When we get there we'll rotate those items out, bring those close to expiration back to the primary for consumption. Fresh stock is continuously rotated in. While most canned goods are still ok for awhile after their expiration date, time has a slick way of passing. I've found this to result in canned goods suddenly appearing that are 7, 8, 9 years out of date. These became targets. A rotation method was needed and has been implemented.

    Water - Installed a well and a solar powered pump at the BOL about three years ago. Had the water tested and it meets EPA standards for drinking water, though it's a little heavy in dissolved solids. A small storage tank has been cobbled together, consisting of a pair of 55 gallon plastic drums. Water is delivered using an RV pump and a small pressure tank. A spare RV pump is stored at the BOL. Since the water from the well is good drinking water, but the safety of the storage is an unknown, we just purchased a Berkey water filtration system (arrived last week). It's time to stop hauling bottled water and begin using what's there. Eventually I'll educate myself as to what needs to be done to ensure the safety of the stored water, without guessing how much Chlorox to add.

    Medical - Surgery on both hands to correct for arthritis that almost assuredly would have resulted in crippling has been completed and a full recovery made. SHTF is no time for painful hands with limited usefulness. Controlling blood pressure is ongoing with meds, of which there always is about a year's supply on hand. But recently have been investigating more natural ways to do so should the prescription chemicals run into short supply. The wife also has medical conditions and there is a stock of prescription meds to deal with those as well.

    Bushcraft - Slowly purchasing items for bush survival. Don't know that it will be such a critical skill, I just love the idea of constructing crude but effective shelters, supplying food and water from the surrounding environment, etc. I've purchased and read a couple of books on the subject. Time prevents actual practice. Perhaps after retirement.

    Vehicle - Obtained a large fiberglass trunk from work that was on its way to the trash bin. Stocked it with everything from anti-freeze and motor oil to sterno, packets of freeze-dried meals and dozens of small packets of drinking water. Blankets, extra shoes and a couple of tarps are included along with a fairly extensive first aid kit. The trunk stays in the back of the 4WD SUV and would come in handy in the event of being sidetracked or delayed on the way to the BOL. Ultimately a permanent move to BOL will solve some of this. But it will still be a good idea to pack the emergency box.

    Future - Back to the subject of water, a well was drilled about 10 years ago before the last one and it is deep, about 700 feet. At the time, solar pumps were good only to about 400 feet. So the project was pretty much abandoned. With the installation of casing and a modern, capable solar pump (some models today are good for 800 feet of head), this well could be brought on line.
  8. Bishop

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    I am still just a minmalist go with the flow find what I need on the way but always have a plan.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    When getting your medical and dental needs taken care of, don't forget your eyes. In the last few years I was working, my eyesight was really degrading. Right eye was nearly legally blind, too fuzzy. Eye doctor had mentioned cataract surgery, which I avoided. Hate going "under the knife". But I was looking at retirement approaching, and knowing I'd have to drop my healthplan, and the eye doc said vision would keep degrading. I was not able to use open sights when shooting.
    So, I went in and had the cataract surgery done. Firstvthe right eye, then when it stabilized got the left done.
    It was uncomfortable, but I was out that afternoon, a family member driving me home. There are medicated drops to take and in specific order and length of days. FOLLOW IT EXACTLY!
    I am so glad I did it. My vision improved markedly, both eyes now about 20/30. Not perfect, still use glasses for driving and shooting, and reading glasses up close. But I can ues open and peep sights again. No more shooting "center of fuzzy mass". And no more worries of further serious degradation.
    If you have cataracts or other eye problems, get them fixed ASAP!
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  10. Motomom34

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    @Seawolf1090 thank you, I had left off eye care. I do not know how I overlooked that because I wear reader glasses and they keep getting stronger. I need to get my eyes checked because I can't recall the last time I had an eye examine.
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  11. Gator 45/70

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    Only a few things, Tomatoes did well, Potatoes not so much.
    Eyes have improved to the point I no long need corrective lens to pass a drivers exam.
    Oil royalty checks have a sever nose bleed.
    Planning on getting a place on the lake this year.
    Moringa seeds are taking off, Planning on transferring these farther west soon.
    I know there's other things we have pending and I'll just leave it at that!
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  12. Seawolf1090

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    Please do not "tag" my name. I don't accept textspeech.
    See my sig line.
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  13. arleigh

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    Knowing dad had macular degeneration was the first reason I began wearing sunglasses ,but my stigmatism continued till i had to have glasses . In my late 50s I started a manufacturing job working inside, day in and day out .
    Surprisingly my stigmatism went away, seeing that I was no longer struggling with the bright sunlight so much any more.
    I only wear sunglasses out side now and my vision is remained acceptable .
    Knowing my mom was diabetic ,I became much more cautions about the things I ate and so far no signs of that issue have shown up .
    My biggest challenge now is weight , and it's all my own fault , I know better and I know what I need to do . no excuses.

    As for clean up and getting rid of stuff that is a tough one , Im still building things .
    The challenges to my creative abilities helps keep me alert and skills sharpened. Retirement can kill you if your let your skills go atrophy . Especially in this modern world where things are changing like it or not .
    Mom had Alshimers ,and though she was a very intelligent person with out stimulating the brain regularly and causing the need to retain more information, the brain will atrophy like any other function the body does by command, if made to be immobile or unchallenged . With out stress , the brain will give up and die.
    One of the great things about being here at SM is the learning and challenging one self to do better and think smarter.
    As much as it is important to get an education, it is more important to put it to real needed work from time to time.
    Information setting unused gets lost in the shuffle.
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  14. GOG

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    A lot has happened since my wife died, but it's almost too much to put into words. I'll post something after I figure out a way to write something intelligible.
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  15. Yard Dart

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    I was going to write a great post with many mentions of my adding on and enhancing my home, so I could sell it to get my dream gettaway property..... in the near future.

    But as GOG reminded us...this day is the important one..... not living for the future, but today with your loved ones....for sadly, at some point they slip away....... May God watch over every one of you Monkeys!!!! For today is important, tomorrow you can plan....but live in the now.... while you have what is near and dear to you to enjoy it with.
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