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    survivalmonkey Monkey+++ Preppers are among the most resourceful and responsible groups of people in the entire world!

    Here in a nutshell are some things you can do right now, with little expense, to increase your security, preparedness and your confidence.

    Make an agreement with yourself to turn to preparedness rather than panic to solve problems- all problems!

    Recognize that your MINDSET is your most valuable resource, and become determined to learn all that you can to support your Preparedness Mindset.

    Discuss your plans with other adults in your household. Ask for their support. Agree on a meeting point near your yard in case of house fire, a meeting point if family cannot get together in an emergency, and a person to call in another area if family gets split-up.

    Save clean soda pop and juice bottles, add four drops of non-scented, plain Clorox, fill them with tap water, and store them in a cool, dark place.

    Using a back pack or suitcase, pack the following in it and place it near the most used door in the house:

    • Food: Energy bars, peanut butter, crackers, hard candy, tea bags, small pack of coffee, and 3+ plastic bottles of water.
    • First Aid: A minimum of 7 day supply of all your prescription medications, Tylenol, Imodium AD, Tums, Pepto-Bismol, burn cream, band aids, plastic wrap, cough drops, baking soda, salt, etc. using water-proof film canisters where needed.
    • Clothing: 2 pr. socks, complete change of clothes, walking shoes.
    • Misc: Hunting knife, compass, towel, plastic bag with dry washcloth, map of local area, list of phone numbers, 2 space blankets, a rain poncho, 50' of twine, wire, Sharpie Pen, pencil and paper, coffee filters, metal cup or bowl, Sewing kit with strong thread and large needles, duct tape, signal mirror, lighters or matches and firestarter, family photos, and anything else you would want to have with you.
    • Copies of all your important papers -- birth and marriage certificates, deeds, titles to vehicles, immunization records, copies of all prescriptions, passport, drivers license, Social Security card, etc.
    These are simple steps, important steps, and may one day be lifesaving steps for you and your family.
  2. Jeff Brackett

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    Good to see this reminder that, despite what MSM would have you believe, embracing a preparedness / self sufficiency lifestyle doesn't mean that you are trying to prepare for TEOTWAWKI. Rather, it's making sure that you and yours are prepared for the little things that happen every day to people who probably always thought "it can never happen to me."

    It's a mental state that usually begins after something relatively minor happens to you or an acquaintance, and you suddenly realize that it could happen to anyone. It could happen to you.

    Loss of a job - Are you prepared financially to be without a steady income for a few weeks? Several weeks? Months? Do you have food for when you can't afford to buy any?

    Extended illness or death - What if you or a loved one is suddenly brought down by a serious illness? Ghu forbid, what if you lose a loved one, and have to settle their estate, or raise their child(ren), or settle their debt? These thing do happen.

    Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, flooding, drought, mudslides... chances are good that every one of us lives in an area that is susceptible to some kind of natural disaster. Are you ready to bug in or bug out with little to no help from the gooberment? What do you have to fall back on when the shelves at your local WallyWorld are empty because the demand has suddenly skyrocketed out of control due to panic, hoarding, temporary breakdown of the supply infrastructure, or simple bureaucratic incompetence?

    If you are one of those folks just beginning to realize that you might not be prepared for some of the crap that Life (with a capital "L") throws at us, and are beginning to enter that panicked state of mind that many of us start with (holy crap, what happens if "X" happens?), then welcome to the club. You have just taken the first step toward self sufficiency. Now, stop panicking, slow your breathing, and start preparing. It's not really that hard, and there are a LOT of good folks here that are more than willing to help. [winkthumb]
  3. Jeff Brackett

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    Hmm... Just noticed that I replied to a posting from 2005? Don't know why it had just showed up in my stream as a new post, but oh well. Please pay no attention to crazy Uncle Jeff in the corner. He means well. [eek3]
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  4. kellory

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  5. Jeff Brackett

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  6. Motomom34

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    I am glad this got revived. This is a nice list that most can gather easily from what is on their homes. I notice some people get overwhelmed when starting out- I know I did but this is a simple step that can blossom from there.
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  7. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    Keep that BOB light enough to carry. Dragging one is a bad way to have to start. Our BO plans are three deep--three day bags, three week back packs/heavy packs, and indefinite containers. They hold virtual rooms(kitchen/bedroom/dining/indepth first aid/com/and of course "ole Betsy" and food for them. We use Aluminum military shipping containers. They have big handles and stack well. Usually have bought them for 20-30$.
  8. KAS

    KAS Monkey++

    do you have a pic of these containers and wsere they can be purchased? thanks
  9. Pineknot

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    resurrect, i like going over old posts.
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  10. as1mov

    as1mov Monkey

    I bought this on ebay. It comes ready charged an very useful as an emergency power supply for CB's anything that requires 13.8V up to 17V, etc Starter.JPG
  11. BTPost

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    Actually, this is nothing more than a 20Amphour GellCell 12Vdc Battery in a fancy case... They are good for a Quick pulse Charge on a dead Car Battery, that basically just causes the electrlyte to get heated up and stirred in the LeadAcid cells... This gives a dead battery a chance at a Last Gasp boost, to start the vehicle, but not much more...
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  12. DarkLight

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    @as1mov and anyone else - Any insight on jumping from your 12v port inside the vehicle? I've seen these for years, but given the fuse amperage (usually no more than 20 and sometimes as low as 15), is this safe and realistic?
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  13. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart Snow Monkey Moderator

    It is a Gimick.... These just cause the Electrolyte to heat up and stir, which allows for an increase in Instant Amperage Discharge capability until the Battery is totally depleated, but does NOT actually put much power back into the battery irself... It doesn’t reverse the LeadAcid chemical reaction much, if at all...
  14. techsar

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    Those may or may not work, but require a few minutes for the battery to take a surface charge...if it can. Even a small 4 cylinder engine is going to draw ten times what a power port wiring can withstand. A jump box that attaches to the battery terminals would be a better investment.
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  15. arleigh

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    I think the Harbor freight jumper packs are a better idea. I use one from time to time.
  16. DarkLight

    DarkLight Live Long and Prosper - On Hiatus Site Supporter

    Have a similar jumper pack (external with clamps) that also has a 12v plug on it. I have used it to power my CPAP machine while car camping great dual use item.

    In fact we've had this discussion before back in 2015 and I posted this picture. And the thread below is one of the first to come up if you search Google funny enough.


    Gear Review - Portable Power Station /Jump-Starter /Compressor
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  17. Survival first steps should be where do you live and what are you trying to prepare for. Then : How do you get from where you are to where your going ie: work to home (shelter in place)or home to cabin/rural property. Then prepare for what you expect to happen when you get there. IE: think Katrina and looters. Or city to country cabin - crowded freeways and roads power outage's and how will you refill your gas tanks to keep going. Most people think about where they're going but not how they'll get there. Plus Nobody Thinks About packing a Single Roll of Toilet Paper!!!!!!
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  18. Illini Warrior

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    not sure why the heck this old zombie posting got resurrected - not that good overall and the original posting is half wrong with his list of ideas ...

    one thing he did get correct is his idea of family communications >> but you can't rely on any kind of modern device communications - can't rely on anyone being able to stay in one stationary "meeting place" ...
    every prepper family needs an old fashion "mailbox" - a hidden waterproof container that's eazy to access & return to the hide - a home property that would survive the home's destruction and other fixtures ...
    put in a tablet of waterproof paper - reliable writing pen - a livestock marker or paint stick to mark up anything left standing like a garage door - entry door - wall section - ect ect ....
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  19. chelloveck

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    This thread has been resurrected a couple of times, which is of itself no bad thing...sometimes new members find hidden gems from the bowels of the SM thread archives, which prompts further discussion, and gives the older members the opportunity for some nostalgic reflection (I haven't seen -06 in the forums for ages...despite differences of opinion in the past, I hope he is alive, and well, and kicking butt).

    As to the OP, I don't see it as an exhaustive list of considerations for making preps for emergencies and disasters, but a starting point for those new to the prepping scene. The list formulated in the OP, are prepping baby steps that are easily achievable, are relatively inexpensive, and don't require the acquisition of special knowledge or skills to implement. No sensible person would see them as end points in prepping, but a good start in easing into the 'lifestyle' without being deterred by perceiving prepping as onerous, expensive, and of marginal worth.
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  20. Illini Warrior

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    I'd hope that this prepper site has more to offer newbies than this posting - telling them to wash out milk jugs and fill them isn't a good start ...
    if no better postings are available - one should be started fresh and then stickeed to the category ....
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