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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragonfly, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. dragonfly

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    Well that's what it was "diagnosed" as...anyway!
    I feel like old "Lonesome George" lately..
    It's NOT the preps, not the lists, not the costs, and not even the persistent nagging, that I have forgotten or overlooked something.
    It's something I have never dealt with before.
    It's a lack of inter-personal communications.
    A lack of one on one talking.
    Such a small and Simple small thing. Isn't that ridiculous?
    Now I suppose that this makes me a lousy prepper or survivalist.
    It's very strange to suddenly find yourself craving another human being to talk to..share ideas with... even talk about the weather, or anything at all. Now some people have family members that are around to converse with.....good or bad. It's something.
    It seems to me that even though I am still in the bustling city and have a phone, electric, satellite tv, internet, and all the regular junk that goes with it, in the end, it seems people will at some time or another, "like" to have someone else to talk to.
    The cat ignores me, the dogs only want to be petted and fed, and the only external stimulus I get now is from the junk emails trying to sell me things! It's like the satellite tv!
    My youngest son works 7 days a week and when he's not sleeping, he is busy with his girlfriend. My oldest son is married, has 2 kids, works as a full time detective for the Sheriff's office, and is now taking full time classes, to get his Bachelor's degree. That leaves the roommate. He works all the time and when he's not working, he's sleeping.
    That leaves a lot of open territory!
    The "two" people I could call on the phone, are of no help at all...Gossip and mundane weather reports is all I get from them.
    I have a few people I keep in touch with via the internet, but only in short paragraphs...nothing more. Not what you'd call "socializing" by any ,means.
    There are some local so called "meet up" groups in the valley here, but I have seen and attended few of them and I won't be attending any more in the future.
    They have no structure and no leadership and no redeeming qualities.
    So it's a real dilemna for me.
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  2. STANGF150

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    Surely yer not the ONLY Monkey in Arizona?
  3. oth47

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    PM sent..
  4. dragonfly

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    I Can't say! BUT, Knowing some of the nutjobs weve had (unfortunatley) I'd never have admmited to living here myself, IF I had only known!!
    Shame too! Maybe it's the heat? Or the lack of enough rain?
  5. Witch Doctor 01

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    Dragonfly... maybe you need to change your screen moniker to Murphy....
  6. dragonfly

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    Or his brother: O'Brien!
  7. Clyde

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    Dragonfly. You will notice there are times when you don't hear a peep from members. I went 6 months months or and stopped reading everything. In the gloom and doom we paint for our future, we need to take a break sometimes and make a list of all the things we are thankful for being blessed. Then go take a hike and a few weekend drives to visit those you love dearly and thereafter give yourself a time limit of 20 minutes per day that you will allow to read gloom and doom. Then find something you want to learn and do that instead of the additional Internet time. You will be refreshed.

    I know about 10 people on this site who have all taken a break for similar reasons. I would challenge to take September and don't even read one survival anything. Then come back and tell us what you did. You will feel refreshed. I say this as a monkey friend. Sabatticals are good.
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  8. Alpha Dog

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    I have the same problem some times do to my job I cut myself off from my civilan life and only associate with my own kind. Thats why I like the monkey so much its a breath of fresh air to talk with people who have the same thoughts and concerns I do and to agree or disagree with. Because I have a problem with trust and letting people get close to me Im always uneasy around people. I agree with Clyde just take afew days look up old friends do things you like or have been wanting to do and forget about the world for a few. That helps me I have to force myself to do it at first but its worth it after you wind down. Drink a couple beers have a good steak case some a couple female monkey's. Because the way we see things are different than most other's and it's not the pretty fantisy world blind America lives in and it eats at us. We have to have a release I like the punching bag, weights, and chasing moma monkey and playin with baby. Come on Up to WV we will give you a cold beer, good steak and there are a few female monkey's running around.
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  9. -06

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    Pansy, softie, whimp---man up--everyone knows that a true survivalist/prepper is always evervesent to the point of bubbling over with untapped strength--or you could just go to sleep--LOL.
  10. BTPost

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    One way to fill that communications gap, is to stop by the Rabbit Hole, (Blue FlashChat Menu at the top of the Page) when there are folks down there (Check the FlashChat Users at the bottom of the Main Page) chatting, and join in...... There is a small core of Monkeys, that regularly fall down there, and have some very good conversations, on all kinds of subjects, and interests. All are Welcome to join in....
  11. STANGF150

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    Careful Alpha, or I might show up asking about Female Monkeys. Cuz I work my tail off at werk & at home. So not a lotta Female Monkeys for me to meet. All I see around here are either Yuppie Wannabes or Hoochies living in the Present only, not caring for their future!!!
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  12. beast

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    i wouldnt mind meetin a few of them female monkeys either
    theres a reason im in cleveland working alone and wife is stil in northern MI
    one of these days ill make it a perm vacation from
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