Prepper, dirty hippie or survivalist?

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    An hour long video on Brad Lancaster, a Tucson pioneer on rainwater harvesting...

    However - as you watch the video, you see that the man lives - essentially - off grid in the middle of Tucson. In a home built from mostly recycled materials, he demonstrates a lifestyle that would likely not be affected by a grid-down situation. So, my title - prepper, dirty hippie or survivalist? I guess it would be how you see things. He certainly walks his talk, no doubt of that.

    He, and friends, have planted over 1000 food bearing tress throughout his neighborhood. The ultimate in gorilla gardening?

    While it is an hour long, there are many examples of 'off-grid' living and low tech workarounds that I believe would be of value for many living in/around an urban area.

    Give it a look and share your thoughts - worth sharing with friends?
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    Saber site has an outdated certificate.

    sound familiar?
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    Difference is the number of guns. Prepper has some, the hippie has none and the survivalist has too many!
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    Just someone in pursuit of his happiness at no one else's expense.
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    When your only survival plan consists of military surplus clothing, a case of MREs, and lots and lots of guns and ammo...then you have too many guns. Those guys are war-lord wannbees. They need to sell a few guns and buy a water filter, food, woodstove, etc..
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