Prepper survival trailer anyone?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Suerto, Mar 22, 2012.

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    LOL yeah like I am really going to tell this guy where I live so he can evaluate my tactics...
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    lmfao.. not me, my prepper trailer is old school, not this "nuevo" prepper craze..

    I figure if the old cats from the 1800's could do it, that should work for us..
    horse trailer.
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    Not a bad set up for someone getting into the game this late, if they have the $!
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    No supplies come with it, just trailer and shelving inside..
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    I think the article's description of its camouflage scheme is misleading and deceptive (no pun intended). The camouflage scheme looks more like a cellular explosion of chromosomes corrupted by LSD. I'm not quite sure which are predominant...."x" chromosomes or "y" chromosomes....but I think they belong to "The Hulk" after he became irradiated (oh...and popped some LSD).
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    There will be a couple of "bug out" trailers at our gathering next weekend. Will have pics after the event. Taking our little Midas RV this time. Getting soft in my old age. Nothing like heat/AC/showers/TV/ and bath facilities--lol. If you are within "striking distance" of Rockingham, NC please come. It is going to be a bug out exercise.
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