For Sale Prepping for Fido: 38-pc. emergency kit for dogs (& 35pc Cat kit)

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    We love our dogs. When we saw this 38-piece "Doggoneit" PEMA Emergency kit for dogs, we knew there were a lot of other folks out there too who would want to have this MayDay bucket on hand, just in case.

    Kit Includes:

    2 - Food
    2 - Blankets
    2 - Lightsticks
    2 - Dog Bowls
    1 - Tennis ball
    1 - 3gal. Bucket w/Lid
    1 - Leash
    1 - Collar

    12 - Water
    1 - 50' Rope
    6 - Poop Bags
    2 - Can Openers
    1 - Bloodstopper
    1 - 58 pc First Aid Kit
    1 - Pet Disaster Information
    2- Chew Sticks

    weight 10 lbs
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    How much space is there remaining in the bucket? Would it hold, for example, additional poop bags, additional chew sticks, meds (more than the existing first aid kit), or anything else? Just curious if it could be used as a base to expand the kit.
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    Very sorry - I didn't realize this was a for sale section when I posted.

    It is a great idea to prep for the pets!
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    Yep--plenty of room for additional stuff. In the listing we recommend that you add additional food and other items to make the kit perfect for your situation.
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