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Prescription Medication

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by sheen_estevez, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. monkeyman

    monkeyman Monkey+++ Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    I didnt intend to imply that WG or anyone else intentionaly got into manure or didnt clean their hands, I was just presenting 2 diffrent extreams, I figure the VAST majority of folks all fall some place in between the 2 ends of the spectrum.
  2. ripsnort

    ripsnort Monkey+++

    OK Ozark, I tried eating a raw garlic clove. It took me about an hour. Much too hot/spicy. Is this just me or does one get used to it? How many do you folks eat/day?
  3. ozarkgoatman

    ozarkgoatman Resident goat herder

    It must just be you because our 7yr old daughter eats it in a few minutes.[dunno] We eat one clove a day. It's good for what ails ya [winkthumb]

  4. wildernessgal

    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    Re: Response to Phishi about MODERN EXTREMISM...

    ***Been offline for ages now, sorry for not answering sooner.***

    Phishi ~ It has to do with MODERN EXTREMISM/SELLING OF PRODUCTS TO MAKE MONEY IN THIS CONSUMERISTIC WORLD. Society is brainwashed by BIG BUSINESS & can't do anything for themselves. Now a days, everyone thinks that they have to buy a million products to live in this world... which is just not true at all. I have this awesome book on the subject of Pioneers which really got me to thinkin... How is it that familes who lived in the backwoods a long long time ago with no running water, and in complete filth with swine running through their house, which had no door screens, so flies were all over newborn babies and etc. were healthier than those who were the opposite? The one book this came from is called OZARK PIONEERS, and I've read much of the same thing in other places.

    The extreme modern behaviours of constant washing with ANTI BACTERIAL soaps and etc creates lack of exposure, which also = 's NON HARDINESS, SICKNESS and so on....

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  5. wildernessgal

    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    Re: Response to Monkeyman about falsities...

    Hello there Monkeyman,
    Well over here we have plenty of manure piles and use LOTS of it in the gardens, orchard and so on... We don't grow salad greens at all and only harvest wild edibles like for example lamb's quarters. Now our huge patches of lambs quarters grows on manure piles and I will not wash the leaves which I harvest for our meals at all. I just won't do it after reading about how all of the natural healthy wild things on plants are washed away. I've captured "wild yeast" to make homemade bread from nature around me. The wild yeasts and etc are on the leaves of plants, wild grapes and etc. Trust me, we are all so far gone and living such an unnatural complicated non-simplistic life that we've become so disfunctional, sick and etc. My prediction is that when the S.H.T.F. most will die pretty quick just from FEAR. (<-- lack of modern products, meds and so on...) The brain is a powerful thing...


    P.S.- When I am hard at works outdoors and feelin' hungry, I have been known to pick wild edibles and just eat them in the raw without washing them , or my hands. It WILL NOT HURT YOU no matter what you hear, as I've done it for many many years. ~ Just something to think about
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  6. wildernessgal

    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    Re: Response to RIPSNORT about GARLIC...

    RIPSNORT ~ There are many different types of GARLIC out there.
    There are super hot & spicy ones, and mild varities. Every fall we plant over 900 garlic bulbs in the garden... They are a great for many reasons to consume it (including to boost your immune system, natural anti-biotic, great for man or beast, anti-inflammatory...), the tops are wonderful eaten as greens in salads when there is nothing else green to eat. They do have to be eaten RAW like my husband (OGM) stated, and not cooked as heat kills all of it's beneficial/MEDICINAL qualities. Also remember that ELEPHANT GARLIC, is not a real garlic. Another thing you could do is blenderize or crush it and mix it with homemade unpasteurized vinegar (I make my own)for a homemade healthful salad dressing and eat it that way instead. You could also cut it into small pieces and swallow them like a pill , if you really aren't fond of it. Over here we LOVE IT , and eat lots... also keeps the vampires away! lol ha,ha,ha Best of luck to you & don't give up! :)

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  7. duanet

    duanet Monkey+++

    Rereading this thread and thinking back over the years about handwashing, immune responses, and prescription medications. In my opinion, the real problem with prescriptions is that they fall into three classses. The most common and expensive is the class of "required" medications that most people take are probably of little use. The drug companies love to get you on a $10 a day pill to reduce blood pressure, cholestrol, cure toe nail fungus, stop acid reflux disease, stop mail pattern baldness and so on. The perfect disease is one that won't likely kill you and that it can't be cured, only the symptons kept in check. That probably covers 50 % or more of the pills and 90 % of the costs of the medications. The second class is those medicines that you either take or you die. They may be very expensive in the case of cancer or other diseases, but they are often relatively cheap as a lot of the heart and dieabetis medications, and without them you will probably die. !00 years ago you would have died, usually before you had children, so they are much more common now. The third class is the vacinations for the major diseases. If TSHTF, there will be little effect for a period and then the old killers, polio, measles, whooping cough and who knows what else will become common again. You will look at strangers with a lot of caution and quarntine everyone at a drop of the hat. We don't have much to fight bird flu and some other diseases, so we who surrvive will probably listen to our grandparents and not the doctors.

    In reguards to handwashing and immune systems. When we went fishing up in Canada and flew into a remote lake in a float plane, the people there got sick with our colds and we picked up their bugs. A couple weeks later everything settled down. When I was in college, we had a couple from Nepal living in the apartment next to us. They were sick for 3 months with every bug , cold, stomach flu, and whatever. They came from an area where the living conditions were appaling 40 years ago and I don't know if I could even survived in their village, but our immune systems were tailered to our enviornment, theirs was no. Thus I think that well it is good to challange your immune syste, I really don't want to start with bird flu or some other disease. Thus masks and handwashing and steralizing phones and such makes sense and I am in a panic about grapes from Chile or fish from China. Now I wipe the dirt off the carrots, radishes, onions etc in my garden and eat them without worry, but I wash Chilian grapes in a disinfectent solution if I do eat them. May be parinoid, but I wouldn"t take a chance on what I can't even guess.
  8. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    For bronchitis, try collodial silver 500 ppm. Silver is good for everything. Wild cherry petasites is great for congestion, As far as heart problems, I know personally that along with prescriptions, tomato juice and a table spoon of molasses at 12 noon has really helped me recover from CHF. Raw garlic sliced thinly and placed under the tongue will go into the bloodstream quickly. Eating it raw is pretty strong for the stomach, I bake mine lightly to knock the edge off and it is great. Cayanne pepper in water is good for sore throats, heart problems and to stop bleeding. Oil of oregano, grapeseed and a mixture of cloves, wormwood and black walnut is a potent parasite treatment. Try the book the "Cure for all Disease" and a book called Yes, No, Maybe to learn Chronobiotic nutrition for more great food remedies. I'm going to ask for an extra prescription so I can have extra medicine in case some thing happens.
  9. Jonas Parker

    Jonas Parker Hooligan

    Actually, it's only good for the manufacturers of the stuff. There have been no "in vivo" tests on CS proving it's efficacy for much of anything. It will kill germs in petri dishes, but the only thing it's does for certain in living humans is turn their complexion blue if they drink too much of it...
  10. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    Colloidal silver made wrong and abused will discolor the skin ,
    Some will add saline to speed the process and that is the problem , however done without saline this is not a problem to my knowledge. I make and use my own CS for 25 years or more , no ill effects .
    I rarely need it and mostly use it topically on every thing applicable both on my animals as well .
    As to over cleaning , My dad noted this to me while growing up comparing a family whos mother went to great extremes to wash things ,and there kids were always sick , conversely we knew families that the kids played out side and got plenty muddy and the house was only moderately kept clean and these were the healthiest kids on the neighborhood.
    I drank from creeks and streams and even dug down in a dry river bed and retrieved water and drank with out processing it ,with no ill effect when I was a kid .
    One trip to mexico really did a number on me though for a while but I lived through it using no meds what so ever.
    I have learned something on my own as well .
    Pain is important ,It both signals you when something is wrong and tells the brain something needs to be done. Masking that information Is not always a good thing.
    Does denial help an addict over come his problem ? Obviously no .
    Masking the pain of an injury might allow you to continue working but the working can further inflame the issue ,though the pain is being masked .
    On the other hand I find that by continuing to be active and guarded I can work through the pain till it subsides on it's own . As an example , having smashed the finger nail and blood forming under the nail is quite painful . After the initial event is subsided I get right back to work and eventually the pain is over in less than an hour.
    The more sedentary one is the more they have to concentrate on their pains. This is what modern medicine loves .
    Catastrophic injuries are another issue.
    I take care of a friend that has had a lifetime of medical issues, and with all the drugs she is taking her kidneys are shot , and she must go to dialysis every other day ,she's lucky some folks must do it every day.
    She has been mentally conditioned to run to the doctor for every single pain ,and I expect that post SHTF she won't survive .
    We stock all her meds and I maintain a reasonable store of over the counter remedies for those with no faith in alternative meds .
    Remember too that this stuff will be valuable barter in the future if it comes to that.
  11. T. Riley

    T. Riley Monkey+++ Site Supporter++

    I build up a one year supply by getting paper scripts from my Dr. and faxing them to a Canadian pharmacy to fill by mail, then taking them to WalMart to fill. Do this for a year and you will have a year supply built up. Put them in a light proof bag in the bottom of your refrigerator and your good to go for five years or longer. This only applies to Meds in hard pill form, not liquids. This is just what I did. You have to decide for yourself. I store fish antibiotics the same way.
  12. Big Ron

    Big Ron Monkey++

  13. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Holy thread resurrection! Not to say it isn't worthy, but WOW! Down for 10 years and back up. (And no, I do NOT munch garlic cloves.)
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