President Bush arrives at the gates of Hell...

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    President Bush arrives at the gates of Hell to be met by the Devil himself at the gates.

    "We're kinda full right now", the Devil says, "we might have to chuck someone out to make room, but seeing as its you I'll give you the choice"

    They arrive at the first cell and there's Tony Blair, a small hammer in his hand, chipping away at a mountain sized peice of rock.

    "He's got to chip all that away before he's released" says the Devil

    "No way" says Bush, "I've had enough of him. Whats next?"

    Cell 2 is opened and inside is president Putin sowing a mountain of mailbags.
    "Please" says bush, "I never trusted those damned Ruskies, lets try another"

    On they go to cell 3. Inside ex president Clinton is giving Monika Lewinsky a right good seeing to. Sex at its best.

    "I'll have some of that" says Bush

    " Good" says the devil, "step in side...and Monica your OUT!"
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