Press For Truth: United We Fall (film)

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    Link to the website and the film:
    PRESS FOR TRUTH : News & Information

    Parts 1-4:

    YouTube - United We Fall Part 1 of 12

    YouTube - United We Fall Part 2 of 12

    YouTube - United We Fall Part 3 of 12

    YouTube - United We Fall Part 4 of 12

    Parts 5-12 also available on YouTube. I feel no need to link them all.

    The documentary is very well organized and has been put together in professional fashion. The crew at Press For Truth (Canadian) really did a fantastic job. They interview many top officials and political conspirators who have orchestrated and have helped build the (Free Trade Agreement) policies, including NAFTA, and the framework behind the AMERO currency --marked for global corporatism and a world government.

    If you have ever had any doubts to the clarity of the future of global politics and corporate enterprise, this film will assist you greatly in understanding how far the rabbit hole really goes and what is involved in the Canadian, United States, and Mexican merger.
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