Press grows a pair! Or at least Helen Thomas

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    the glitter is wearing off as the press takes white house secretasry Gibbs to task over staged "town halls and handpicked questions from dnc officials.[nono]:shock:
    go get'em helen!!![gun][applaud][flag]

    s the Washington Post reported today about the event:
    In the highly stage-managed event, questions for Obama came from a live audience selected by the White House and the college, and from Internet questions chosen by the administration’s own new-media team.
    Of the seven questions the president answered, four were selected by his own staff from people who submitted videos on the White House Web site or who responded to a request for “tweets” from the administration.
    The president called randomly on three audience members. Each turned out to be members of groups with close ties to his administration: the SEIU union, Health Care for America Now, and Organizing for America, which is a part of the Democratic National Committee. White House officials said that was a coincidence.
    Coincidence??? Do they really think we are this stupid?
    Of course they do. They expect us to worship each word Obama speaks from his teleprompter when it has been well known that OBAMA pre-selects questions and places people to ask questions he has a script to reply with. But that is not all, like a seasoned televangelist that places actors in strategic positions at a revival healing – Obama creates an illusion of randomness when it is anything but.
    The most dramatic moment came from Debby Smith, 53, of Appalachia, who was near tears as she described for Obama her fragile health, which included a recently discovered tumor for which she cannot get treatment.
    “I have no health insurance. I have a new tumor and I have no way of paying for it,” she said.
    Obama waved her over and gave her a hug, saying, “I don’t want you to feel like you’re all alone.” He promised to “find out what we can do within existing law” and called Debby the “perfect example” of the kind of person whom health care is intended to help.
    Too bad that Debby is a Healthcare Activist first and foremost. It is being suggested that the White House has known of Debby Smith’s condition and Activism since last December 23rd, which provides more proof of Obama stacking his “town Hall” with true believers intended to charm and bamboozle the American public about how badly we need Obama to take over health care the way he has taken over the banks and the auto industry.
    Based on what Smith says of herself – she sounds like she would qualify for medicare assistance – but either is ignorant of that fact, or refuses it so she can use her illness to propagandize for Obama’s Socialist Health Care plan. As the article notes:
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    Choreographed, just like everything in politics. They won't do a town hall meeting without knowing the questions ahead of time. Its all a game to manipulate the masses, no matter which party is in power.
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    If you can't believe Helen Thomas, who's "g'amma" can you believe? (It can't All be a conspiracy?); or can it?
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