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    While looking for trauma bandages the shop had a choice of two. One was the OLAES® Modular Bandage and the other Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar. They were for the same purpose but there were some differences.

    OLAES® Modular Bandage

    The rest of the product description is here- Tactical Medical Solutions | Military - First Responder Kits - Olaes® Modular Bandage

    Israeli Emergency Bandage with Pressure Bar

    Rest of the product description is here: 6" Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar

    I studied both and chose the Israeli bandage. The Olaes with the velcro is easier application/ fastening which is a plus. The deciding factor was the pressure device. The Olaes while the bandage itself seemed easier to apply, the pressure area had the small cup, yes it could be used for an eye wash cup but smaller in the compression area. The Israeli bandage with its pressure bar was longer, thus covering more area and IMO would be better suited.

    I purchased the Israeli bandage both 6" and 4". The 6" definitely covers more area but the 4" seemed easier for self application and would be more suitable for smaller persons. The place I purchased from had the Israeli bandages in white and gray packages. I noticed that the bandages in the white package had a shorter expiration date. The ones in the gray packaging made in 2014, expiring in 2022.
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    what were the prices if you dont mind me asking ???
    and were did u buy these things???
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    Perhaps someone here may have run across this item and I do not remember what it is called.. However, this item was invented to use on deep wounds that extend into the muscle and to stop hemorrhaging.. 61147_490798487672210_1701132163_n.
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    That looks like a torture device.

    And Israeli bandages are really great. I also use H compression bandages and compressed gauze. Pictured also is a TK4 TQ, which can be applied one-handed.
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    One quick tip when using the israeli bandage: you can apply to the wound an hemostatic agent, such as Quikclot; this will help the blood to clot faster. An israeli bandage is a very important item to keep in your first aid kit, because it treats injuries that would likely kill you if left untreated.
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    I am glad you bumped this thread @felixol. I noticed my Isreali bandages expire in 2022. I wonder why? Why would a bandage expire? I do have quick clot that does have a shorter shelf life but why would a bandage go bad? Does the material breakdown?
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    Am not sure, but it may have to do with the integrity of its remaining sterile. Packaging wear and tear?
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    I received this from a lurker as to the reason why:

    Sterilization is paramount and protected by the wrappings. All wrappings have a life cycle due to decomposition and handling. Most bandages are made of organics and need to be checked on a proven time/storage cycle.

    Bandages expire because it is the safest way to protect the buyer and user.
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    Today in my Tactical class I got to use both the Olaes and Israeli bandages.AI nice elderly gentleman was my victim/patient. I applied the Olaes bandage first then wrapped the Israeli bandage second. He kept saying he could really feel the Israeli bandage. It was then my turn to be the victim. I could feel the difference in size of the space that the pressure was applied. The gentleman who I applied the bandages to also agreed that the Israeli did have the larger coverage area. IMO more better then less.
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