pressure canning results this year.....

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  1. TnAndy

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    We added a couple new items to the pantry, in addition to the old standbys of tomatoes, beans, chili, spaghetti sauce, beef stew, and such.

    Mrs TnAndy did about 50 pints of carrots, and some quarts ( to add to bulk stew runs ). Usually only do them every other year. Raised about 30' of row in the garden this year, most canned, but put some in sand in the root cellar for fresh use.


    Old stand by is spaghetti sauce with meat and chili. When the Roma tomatoes come in heavy, we make this up along with our ground beef from the freezer.



    New items this year are pre-seasoned taco meat.....ready to heat, and use.


    And canned bacon:


    6 thick slices per pint. Wanted to try it before slaughtering the pigs this year to see how good it works. I like it.
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    Looks Great TnAndy !

    The Sloths have been at it also.
    This year was poor for fresh fruit so far.

  3. 45ACP

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    How do you keep the beef in the spagetti sauce and the Taco meat from turning into meatmush ?
    Haven't had much luck canning them. Done cooked ground beef in broth & dry and tried raw pack ground beef as well.

    Got liquid meat every time. Now we leave the beef in big chunks.
    No issues with cooked or raw pack poultry, pork or lamb.
  4. TnAndy

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    Don't know.....haven't had that issue, either with fresh or frozen.
    We DO brown all of it first and that drives off some moisture ?
  5. munchy

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    I leave some of my carrots in ground and dig when needed, gets to be a pain once the snow flies but they weather well. Need to try canning some.
  6. pearlselby

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    Your jars are beautiful!!!! I have done a lot of chicken and soup this year. We canned pototoes too.
  7. TnAndy

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    Wife canned 28 quarts of our sweet potato crop from a few weeks back, and put some Irish potatoes in jars too.

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    Thank You for the pictures! I love canning pictures!!!
  9. -06

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    We just took up our sweet potatoes today (29). May can some of the ones with nicks/cuts. We saved many tiny ones for plants next spring. Thanks for the pics.
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