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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Graciesdad, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Graciesdad

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    Just built off grid cabin and my Winter project is a pressurized water system. I have access to a well nearby. My idea was to have a 200 gallon water tank under the cabin and a 200 gallon plastic pickup trunk tank that I could gravity feed to cabin tank. Would like water for future kitchen and bathroom with on demand hot water. Just installed 4-230 watt solar panels and 2000 watt inverter/charger with 6 golf cart batteries with backup generator. I'm new to all this and would appreciate any ideas to best supply water.
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  2. ghrit

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    So you're going to bring in water in the pickup, drain it into the cabin tank and pump it up as needed thru an electric demand type heater. OK in the short haul. Now we need to know a LOT more about how you are fixing to use the solar and water systems. To do you any good, we need to know what your water use rate is going to be, both hot and cold and the temp rise across the heater at capacity. Then we can figure your electrical needs for pumping, and hopefully any other electrical loads. This is apt to be a process ---. I'm a pumpist, we have some bulbsnatchers that will chime in along the way.
  3. Witch Doctor 01

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    I think he has well access and is using two tanks ; a gravity feed 200 gallon in the ( roof/ somewhere higher) and a feeder tank under the floor also 200 gallons... I assume he is using the power to pump the water system to the faucet... @Graciesdad please correct me if I'm wrong....
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    First off, you had better look at how deep you need to bury your water line between the two tanks to keep it from freezing... Next, look at if you can put your in Cabin tank up in the rafters, but still inside the insulated portion of the cabin, that way if the cabin is heated, your water will not freeze... Third, if you can do the second, but want more pressure than gravity, then you are going to need a pump, of some kind... I would suggest you find the Thread I made a few years back, that documented MY Domestic Water System... It has the Pump, Air Bladder Tank, Filters, and UV Sterilzer that we use around here.... Do the RESEARCH, before you plunk down your cash, and get it right the first time...
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  5. Graciesdad

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    Yes, plan is to transfer water from truck to tank under cabin. Cabin is on a slab with two foot crawlspace. Will not be using in Winter so will drain system in Fall. We're using 3-5 gallons a day now, we're pretty conservative. Was thinking propane on demand water heater, not electric. Guessing would need about a 40 degree temperature rise for heater. Other electrical demands are night-time television which uses 300 watts, occasional ceiling fan and maximum 3 led light fixtures. Currently using a 35 gallon water tank with 2 gallon expansion tank with on demand flo jet pump

    Plan is to fill 200 gallon truck water tank from neighboring well and gravity feed or pump to 200 gallon tank under cabin. Can't have tank in roof...Cathedral ceilings.
    Plan was to then use on demand pump on under cabin tank
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  6. Graciesdad

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    Thanks, I'll search your thread
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  7. T. Riley

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    I have one on demand 12v pump setting between my storage tank and a small pressure tank connected to the house. The 12v pump has a 20/40 pressure switch between it and the power source. It works great.
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  8. Graciesdad

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    Pretty much what I'm using now too, have a 35 gallon tank, 2 gallon pressure tank and 12volt pump. I have it in a deck storage box outside with a small solar panel on top.
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  9. Cruisin Sloth

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    television which uses 300 watts

    60 " or why so much watts , My 40" led is 26 watts on & off .04 watt (bought for that reason . Sloth
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