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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by phishi, Sep 29, 2005.

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    I have one regular white pages in my BOB. Weighs in right at 1#, stashes flat in my map section and has 800+ pages. Also useful as a quick tinder.
  2. Falcon15

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    My grandpa told stories about when the Seers & Robbernuts catalog ran out, and a new one was not coming soon they had a bin of corncobs. Yep. Corn cobs. I swear that generation had to have cracks lined with steel.
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    UMMM....What is WROL? title on the Youtube video mentioned a WROL community.
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    WROL = Without Rule Of Law - southernprepper makes "post SHTF/WROL" scenario videos as a thought experiment. Helps address some potential issues you, or I, may not have thought about...
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    Thanks for the quick answer. Appreciate the knowledge everyone here has, and their willingness to share it. Learning as fast as I can, so i can be an asset and not just a drain.
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    We all bring something to the table. What good is information when it is not shared? My grandpa always told me the only stupid question was the unasked question.
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    or the one that had just been
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    aspect not discussed is a wintertime SHTF in the frozen northern climes >>> bad bitch for all kinds of waste disposal ...

    best alternative is to use the cold to it's best advantage - keep it cold/frozen while protecting it from contaminating & spreading ... utilize a deserted building - maybe a basement - just stockpile until conditions change for the better ....

    if you have poly bags stockpiled - good chance you should double your supply - item that will disappear fast - item that takes more manufacturing infrastructure than at first glance ....
  9. arleigh

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    Why would any one throw away all that potential for methane gas ?
    people all over the world use it for gas , What are we too sophisticated ??
  10. Zimmy

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    I plan on staying where I'm living now if shtf. I'll do what grandma did.

    Dig a hole and drag the outhouse over it. Sprinkle with dirt occasionally. When a foot from the top, fill with dirt and plant a fruit tree.

    Drag outhouse over a new hole in the backyard.
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