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Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by Lekdro, Jul 23, 2016.

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    I thought I would share this since some of the structures would be an idea for someone to start with.

    Maybe this has been posted before if so, please remove the thread.

    The tiled roof hut was the video i enjoyed the most. 2nd favorite was making a bow and arrows. Which I would like to practice doing. I currently have a diamond infinite edge compound bow. My first thought was if it breaks, I'd better know how to make another one.

    Primitive Technology
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    Guy has amassed some pretty advanced bushcraft skills. He uses only those tools that he makes from surrounding materials, including the fired clay containers for carrying water and a stone axe for felling saplings and stripping bark.

    Pretty amazing, but it also makes perfect sense when you watch him do it.

    Now I need to figure out how to do similar in a desert environment.
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    Cactus does not make a good axe handle. FYI. (And if it did all you'd be able to chop down is cactus.)

    Sorry. Couldn't help myself.
  4. OK, what he does is impressive, but at the same time a lot of it is a little silly. His shelters never really look like they'd keep you dry even in a mild rain. Good entertainment, but I'm cool with relying on a few tools I can easily replace if I need to.
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    The guy is a master of that particular environment, though I wouldn't sleep easy underneath 100's of pounds of clay tiles above me supported by that huts framing.

    Natives usually build roundish dwellings, his are square, those fired clay tiles might be interesting to put on a strong tipi frame for a permanent 3 season camp. They would probably be too leaky for winter.

    Still this guy is amazing, and the bow making with all stone tools, along with the bowstring, which held up under quite a few shots were my favorite. I've built a lot of bows and made arrows too, but never a natural string, and I used steel tools. One fine technical point I noticed was how he roasted his arrow points over coals to harden them instead of using the open flame, which is a hallmark of those who know what they are doing. Those arrows took many hits into the wooden target without breaking or splintering.
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    I like the way he does though on some cases he could do some things little different way... Like the blower for furnance there is also otherway to do it too: If you had some leather and wood you could make blower from it too or if you have near by a moving water source you could make a watermill that spins the blower, but might be too small not sure(haven't tested out)
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