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    </dd><dd>Almost daily there are new proposals for the government to create programs (or modify old ones) to allow greater intrusions into the privacy of ordinary Americans. In a very real sense, Americans are now considered by their government to be guilty of a multitude of crimes and must daily work to prove themselves if not innocent, then at least not guilty enough to be thrown in jail, fined or otherwise harassed.</dd><dt>
    </dt><dd>The issue of privacy is an important one to Rep. Paul, and as such this section will provide information not only on the various threats to our privacy rights, but details of how the battle against these threats is being waged.</dd><dd> <table bgcolor="#c0c0c0" border="1"> <tbody><tr><td> <table border="0"><tbody><tr><td align="left"> Rep. Paul's Privacy Legislation</td> <td>---</td> <td align="right">(List of cosponsors) </td></tr></tbody></table> Background information on:
    <dd>National ID card
    </dd><dd>Medical ID
    </dd><dd>Abuse of the Social Security Number
    </dd><dd>Financial Privacy issues
    </dd><dd>Read Ron's Floor Speeches on:
    </dd><dd>Medical Identifiers
    </dd><dd>The Freedom and Privacy Restoration Act
    </dd><dd>The Misuse of the Social Security Number
    </dd><dd>Proposed "Know Your Customer" Rules Send Rep. Paul your thoughts on Privacy issues!
    Information on how to contact other Members of Congress.

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    Has Paul established an exploratory committee yet?
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