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    I am going to take this time to shamelessly promote the only cigar club I believe to be worthy of my own money. I know, it's not easy deciding what cigars you might like. I also know you can spend a great deal of time and money investing in cigars (I'm up to well over $3,000 myself) with many hours researching to find a great deal on cigars, or bidding on auction sites to try to save a few dollars. Hey, it's your money --you should get what you are paying for.

    Well, thankfully now I believe there's a solution:
    The Privada Cigar Club link:

    This isn't your typical cigar club. What about a few cigars shipped to you every month, already hand picked to suit your palate? Some of these cigars will be well aged already, some are rare or impossible to find, and there's always something new waiting in the future, too. There's no hitch, no gimmick, no strings attached. In fact, if you receive something you don't like at all, they will send you another cigar to replace the one you didn't like in your next month's shipment, no problems. With your shipment, you receive a letter on what's going on and detailed information on each cigar. Currently, you receive 3 cigars with each shipment.

    Check out these videos if you think you're interested. I really can't say enough about this cigar club. I can see not only what it is right now, but where it's going in the future...and it looks really good!

    Value? You can place a value on the cigars themselves, and you already get your money's worth. You can also place a value on the aging process, the hand selection and ease of having them sent to you according to your own profile, too. Best of all (to me), is you can expect quality service that will always be there, active and responsive emails, and security in knowing that if premium cigars are ever outlawed in the future due to political intervention, private clubs such as this can still operate and share great cigars. This club is stocking up on fantastic cigars all the time, and it needs the support of its member base to continue to grow. In conclusion, it's an investment. And compared to how I have been shopping for cigars, it's a far better way to invest, too. Whether you are new to the cigar world and don't know what to buy, or you are a seasoned cigar smoker looking for some quality cigars to add to the humidor, the Privada Cigar Club really is the right way to go in my opinion.

    In the "notes" field when you join, tell them "Brokor sent you".
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    That seems like a pretty nice setup. I'm not a cigar guy but I've enjoyed a good smoke a time or two. :cool:
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    Same here I just don't smoke like I used to
    However it's still a good idea
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    If you do join, just let me know in this thread or private convo me. Thanks.
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    Membership won't remain open forever. Last I heard, Privada was about 1/5th the way to full membership, and growing. If you join, leave a note in the comments field that Brokor sent you. Maybe we can get some cool stuff for the forum, or a discount if enough people join up. We shall see.
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    This is just another shameless bump to let you folks know that Privada really is growing and it continues to raise the bar.
    I've already received several exclusive cigars (this means nobody on Earth has them except members) which are made just for Privada by premium boutique craftsmen. The club also has a store with cigars available for regular purchase in case you want more, and bamboo T-shirts are available now as well, with more merchandise probably in the works. Again, for the money invested, the Privada Club is pretty cool.
    And, I now know that these fine people at Privada know about us here, so if you have been on the fence wondering if you should jump in, it may be a comfort knowing that the Monkey Crew won't be outsiders. I am not affiliated with the club in any official way, but I am a proud member.
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    All that I've received have been pretty darn great! Although I'm no longer a big time cigar smoker like I was 20/30 years ago,I do enjoy one or two on special occasions...Like mothers day coming up soon!
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