Probably won't pass muster with fisheries and wildlife regulations....

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    Probably won't pass muster with fisheries and wildlife regulations....but if its TEOTWAKI and you're facing are some ideas that might keep you from death's door.

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    Fish and bird traps are nice, watching them dig with that grub? hoe in the mud, cutting everything and trimming everything with the machete, drilling holes with a drill made of what looked like an old file and twisting it between their hands, making a spade out of an old piece of pipe by cutting a slot, flattening the end out, and sharpening it, using their feet to hold things in place, hand made cordage in the bird trap, using found junk to create useful object, etc. The real lesson wasn't the objects that they created, but how they used a few simple tools, often built out of scraps, that allowed them to do so many things. Thank you for the resource chelloveck. The old rabbit box trap made from a scrap fan and rubber bands, a fish trap made from two clothes hampers, a fish trap made from an old tire, the bird traps made with a hole in the ground, the concepts are much more valuable than the how to do it.
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    Indeed. Good ideas to have in a survival mind grab bag. Notice the care taken with camouflage and concealment...some of which is aimed at their target prey, but some I suspect to protect the trap, and contents from poachers. In a survival situation, some effort in counter tracking might be prudent.
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    Thanks for the post. Those are pretty ingenious.
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