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    "Worry is a misuse of the imagination ... instead, apply that energy to preparing for success."

    September marks not only the traditional time to begin laying up food and supplies for the winter, but it is also National Preparedness Month. With that as a backdrop, we're excited about three new pre-selected packages of long-term storage foods that we are promoting as part of our new "PROJECT: PREPARE."

    We identified these foods as being the ones most desired by our buyers club members wanting to enhance their own preparedness programs. We negotiated special prices on these packages with one of our best suppliers, and we have exclusive rights to the packages for a limited time.

    Package-Kits for Every Budget; 10-15 Year Shelf Life

    We have three kits we're offering, with immediate shipping available on all included foods. Members--use your standard 20%-off coupon code to get your best deals (email me if you need that code again).

    PROJECT: PREPARE - Essentials Kit - "Steady as She Goes" - Meats, Cheese, and Butter - Member price, $231.20 - Twelve 28oz. cans of Yoders Meat; three cans each of fully cooked Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Pork. Twelve 12oz. cans of Red Feather Butter. Twelve 8oz. cans of Red Feather Cheese.

    PROJECT PREPARE - Advanced Package - "Ready in Case It Blows" - Meats, Cheese and Butter - Member price, $391.20 - Twelve 28oz. cans of Yoders Fully Cooked Beef. Twelve 28oz. cans of Yoders Fully Cooked Chicken. 24 cans, 12oz each, of Red Feather Butter. 36 8oz cans of Red Feather Cheese.

    PROJECT: PREPARE - Freedom Trove - "Fuggeddaboudit, Let's Start the Show" - Member price, $1231.20 - Meats, Cheese, Butter, Bread, Eggs, Fruit, Milk Substitute, Honey, Water. Please click the link to see everything in this package!

    Not a member yet? A one-time $19 fee will always get you at least 20% off everything in our store and FREE shipping to the lower 48 on all products we list. Join here and we'll send you your member coupon code to use as often as you'd like.
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