Project to Create a Wilderness Retreat In Illinois.

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by MCEscher, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. MCEscher

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    I have been doing heavy research on acquiring a remote wilderness or rural property in Illinois. Im looking for something extremely economical and economically modern. Ive been looking to either purchase or rent some property in Illinois that is very isolated such as in the forrest or in a rural area. Im looking for something that has no neighbors within a 5 mile radius proximity. I know this type of land is rare in Illinois but Ive found some good leads such as farm property and forrest property in areas such as central Illinois and down deep south by the Shawnee Forrest. Im looking to maybe outsource the rest of the research to a service provider that can narrow my search and produce viable options. Now Im open to options as far as renting or buying and types of homes. Ive been exploring renting a cabin, buying a modular house, container house, pre-fab, or similar low cost housing option. Ive found lots of container houses and such that are actually quite architecturally advanced for very cheap in the $5000 to $10000 range. I would like to complete the whole project for for a maximum of around $5000 to $15000. Thats why Im doing some digging to find the most economically viable solution. I would like to maybe hire a researcher to hunt down the particulars such as land that is synonymous with these peripherals and viable housing options that could be instituted on this land. I just dont know what route I should take, be it hiring a real estate agent, a freelance researcher, or using some other research service that might yield the best results at a decent fee. Got any ideas on how to accomplish this project such as land, homes, or research? THX for any information$
  2. ColtCarbine

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    I would be interested to find property with any sort of dwelling myself for that price 5 miles away from a neighbor, please do share when you find it.
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    I think you can buy a cave in Montana but I doubt it would be 5000$.
  4. BTPost

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    There are places like that, still in Alaska, but rarely on a road system. It will take a bunch of looking to find such a place, down south in the FlatLands. ..... Hopefully, YMMV.....
  5. ozarkgoatman

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    Good luck with that. [booze]

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  7. goinpostal

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    I would advise looking in one of the firearm friendly neighboring States.
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    Non-government land east of the Mississippi ?

    Really ?

    You talking shipping container ?

    Like that YouTube where the guy chops holes in for windows/doors and tries to seal the whole mess ? I always thought that was a joke.....
  9. bountyhunter

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    i think if u look at gun laws in illinois,you will change your mind..i came here 4 yrs ago,kinda temperary thing,and its ending soon!! sure miss the hills of east tennessee...i was used to walking around with my S&W.45 cal chief special hanging on me there, not here tho so im looking at land in southern indiana (lot friendlier gun laws there) so the girl friend has a decision to make soon,stay in commie infested illinois,or get the F*** out,her family is here and tn is 600 miles away,so i have decided southern indiana is 1/2 way for both of us and thats fair enuff!! either way color me gone soon
  10. Illini Warrior

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    what kind of biz you trying to spam? ..... you posted on a dozen different prepper sites all under different names ....
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    I think just the number of Nuclear power plants in ILL would make one want to find another location. No offense.
  12. ghrit

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    I'm going to say I don't think there's spamming involved. It looks to me like fishing for someone to do a bit of futile research. The budget is unreasonably low; at least one zero on the right end too few, and renting is beyond silly if the stated purpose is accurate. I'd be glad to help, but I have some more productive ways to use my time. Now, if there's an upfront non-refundable consulting fee involved, well ---
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  13. BTPost

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    I am sure TnAndy and I would help out for a sub-contracting fee.....
  14. TnAndy

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    Nope.....not me. Retired, too much to do on my own place so the next guy has it fairly easy. I'm down to just throwing spitballs on the internet now.
  15. MCEscher

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    Hahaha. . COnsulting fee. LOL! Well I am going to hire a consultant of some sorts actually. But Ive already got a few like minded people working for me. Been interfacing, with some cutting edge architectural firms and design services that offer killer advanced structures for next to nothing. Might start a crowd source wiki for the project actually on one of the innovative platforms out there. Insert ideas-Collaborate-Voila' you got yer' self an advanced community project. Also Ive been following the patterns of similar projects that have a similar model on sites such as, and might just HI-Jack one of their projects and work with them. Found these frickn NASA Lander pods that can be bought on the cheap and interconnected in any juxtaposition you can imagine. Cool as hell! LAND? Thats the crux. I know it is easily obtainable in surrounding states, but Im an Illinois veteran and would like to stay planted if possible. Not necessary, but preferred. SOme people Ive talked to seem to think they've seen land like this, others dont really know. But you got Shawnee, Central IL, Possible hunting property lease, possible rural abandoned farm rent, look into goverment land programs as well-( I seem to recall a land rental link on the cheap) and probably employ an agent to do the dirty work for me. Once the property is pinpointed, wherever it may be, Im ready to blow this joint. LOL! Oh yah and found an inflatable zepplin made out of hemp. Only $1800. Cheech and Chong would be in paradise. LOL* blend in with the dirty and natural colors of the woods and forrest animals and stuff good.[CRC]
  16. TnAndy

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  17. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus are so economical with words.....unlike me.

    And I do like your special bullsh1t deoderiser. Is it effective on a wide range of bullsh1t, or just specific kinds. In any case...keep up the good work! : )
  18. TnAndy

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    Pretty wide range use....feel free to copy and apply as needed.
  19. ColtCarbine

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    It smelled like a scam to me or fishing for a sucker. You never know so I gave the poster the benefit of a doubt. [monkeyeating]
  20. goinpostal

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    Sounds more like someone with an over ambitious"PIPE DREAM"to me.
    Nothing wrong with that!
    I had one similar a few years back,untill I got scammed on the property and ended up loosing a bundle($7,500+).The story of it is in the thread I started here as"angelofdodd":
    You have to follow the whole thread to get the full picture.
    Here's a story on what happened to the crook after he was caught:
    Mortgage Fraud Blog - Man Sentenced for $20M Ponzi Scheme
    If I had gotten my earth sheltered concrete dome built,and moved into before his house of cards tumbled,it could have been some serious shtf for me,and mine.
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