Project to Create a Wilderness Retreat In Illinois.

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by MCEscher, Feb 5, 2012.

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    No not whatsover Mr. PARANOID apocalyspse LOL. No just joking, IM actually an artist/writer/multimedia producer but that is totally unrelated to this. Hehe. This is my survival retreat project. Starting a Wiki on it I think. Um and no shipping containers arent a joke. Just GOOLE it. You can do want you want to but would you rather live in a junky trailer or a Modern totally self sustaining masterpiece that looks like a LeCorbusier original for about the same price? But everyones got thier own style. But actually though there are lots of alternative OFF GRID housing options out there on the cheap. Build your own green dome BIOdome, Hemp Zeppllins for only $1800, mod out a steel silo on the cheap... But thanks for comments Ill check out that link. Actually considering another state but Illinois veteran so Im considering getting a realtor to ascertain either property to purchase, rent a vacant farmstead, possibly lease hunting land and plop a portable down on that, governmental wilderness land programs for renting, renting already developed retreat area, or parking something against the Shawnee or something surrounded by total desolation and wouldnt have to own all the land around me. Any Info on these topics is appreciated. And I dont know If I need 5 radial miles or 5 square miles. Have to figure out the difference. THanks for the oregon link. I will consider it.
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    I see you posted the same story over at under the name robotamedaeus.
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    Your radial mileage may vary!

    It's all there on the web.

    Radius Around a Point on a Map

    Land parcels are rarely sold precisely as circles or as squares...but you knew much land you need depends on what you require it for, and what it needs to be able to support and sustain....the variables are almost infinite. The ratio of area to a circle of given radius is Pi times radius least as far as I can remember of my schoolboy geometry of some several decades ago.

    Area of a circle calculator

    The only useful thing that I can think of that might be applicable to radial measurement of land, at least in distances, is figuring out whether you are likely to be setting up a retreat within cooee of a likely nuclear missile target. The necessity of calculating radial land area is a novelty to me.

    The odds of finding a plot of 5miles....radial or square, seem remote, given the $$$ parameters in your earlier posts....but, like most local yokels watching a Griswold out o' towner buzzing about in blissfully naive enthusiasm, it has its entertainment value. I'll be watching with amused interest.
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    That link was in sarcasm to another poster, that property I listed might as well be in the desert.

    If you are serious about moving to the Pacific NW, there are far better places than the area I listed for a retreat but it will cost you a bit more. I do believe there is still property in parts Northern Idaho that can be had for less than you could get property in Oregon/Washington, might always check around Missoula, Montana area. If I was going to move to Montana, it would have to be the western part.
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    Instead of buying property, why not scout out a place somewhere in the national forest and maybe stage some supplies there? I know there would be little to no control over the spot, but, if you buried your cache and marked it with either GPS or map. I would think you could build a nice cache doing that. Maybe get some surplus transit cases that you could bury. My thought is no matter where you go, your property will only be yours as long as you can hold on to it. You obviously have more options owning, but, I would think this would be a good backup option.
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    Hmmm is that legal? hehe. Sounds good though. But of course I dont need to buy a whole 5 square miles either. Just be surrounded by that much area. Yah could maybe find a small plot like that in the forrest like you were saying. Course you mentioned the desert. If I wasnt staying in IL nothing wrong with that, tahtd be great. love the desert. Cheap totally isolated land too especially if your looking out west TX. Ive got some good leads on rural tracts in central IL and isolated property down in Southern IL Shawnee already. Ive got a few agents wanting me to hire them, but a lot of them dont have all this info on OFF GRID options so Im looking into it first to augment them.
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