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    I think I have about 3 propane burners and they all suck. I think they all came from some kit (like a turkey fryer kit) and was purchased at the beach for an impromptu low-country boil.

    I've used very similar ones at friends' houses and at some other get togethers and they all worked fine. I guess I just have excellent luck of picking out junk or shop at places that sell junk. The problem with all of mine has to do with the vent . . . something just doesn't work right with the ones I have and dialing in a good flame is just a no-go.

    Anyway, I'm looking for recommendations for a good burner that you have experience with. I know the best ones are the pricey ones that homebrewers use with high pressure hoses and a jet burner. I want to keep it simple with a good burner that you can dial it from low heat to afterburner. The banjo burners look promising.

    Something like this looks useful. Anyone have one or have other Camp Chef products? Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner Stove 2012: Sports & Outdoors

    The POS burners I have look like this (but, so did the other I've worked with that were fine). I want to stay away from these.
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    Because it is small and stores easily, I bought a Coleman stove and an adapter to use tanks. I have a gas grill outside but an ice storm and a warm weather power outage with rain and high winds made it less attractive.

    I read, so I know what the instructions say, but I use the Coleman inside anyhow.
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    If you will notice on the inlet end of the pic you will see openings on either side of the line fitting hole. They regulate the amount of air(Oxygen-necessary for proper combustion-blue flame) to be mixed with the Propane. Loosen the two screws slightly and twist/turn the disk until you get a blue flame from the burner. Hope this helps. You also may have a faulty regulator that is not pushing enough pressure or even a damaged/faulty tank valve. Let us know what you find as the problem. We can all profit from others problem solving.
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    Exactly what the problem is . . . doesn't matter how you twist the regulator, the flame won't dial in. This causes very low efficiency where water takes a very long time to boil.

    Like I said, I've used other ones and have had no problem.
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    Disassemble the burner and see if it is obstructed. Dirt daubers love to stop up holes in things. Spiders make homes in them. No reason it does not burn properly if the gas is getting through in proper amounts. I have found dirt dauber mud even in the small ends of air lines.
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    Spider webs, too. Those orifices are small.
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    It is possible to Drill Out the Orifices with a Bigger Drill...
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    Well . . . actually, I already threw it in a lake. Need something new.

    Its purpose will be to boil very large containers of liquid. I have plenty of small grills/stoves/burners.
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    Didn't get an invitation to the "boil"--did you fellows?
    ETA: now we know who our friends are.
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    Northern Tool has some very BIG Propane Burners, that are fairly cheap..... We use one to boil the King Crab Cooking Water.....
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    The double ones are @ $35. I have a single that is primarily for smelting lead--and cooking stews--and canning--lol. Between the turkey cooker, the single burner, gas hot plate, and BBQ side burner we can have several pressure cookers going like a production line. Some heating, some cooling, some loading/unloading.
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    ok here is how u do it make u a stand that holds ur pot.... then take u a 12" by 1/4" pipe nipple with a 90 on one end and a way to connect your hose on the other... then take a grease fitting and nock that little ball out of the middle ... and screw it into the 90 so it is facing up ....

    you will get one of them inline regulars and control the flow from the bottle...
    and there u have it a crawfish burner....

    If any of our COONASS friends are at home and have pictures of theres can u please post a picture for i am not at home...

    BT can u please putt up the little guys with the banners and arrows saying this post aint worth shit with out pictures please..{i love them guys }
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