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    I recently had the occasion to discuss the interpretation of prophecy with a fellow saint. I think that many may benefit from my response and hope that they don't mind if I share it here. I have edited it to be more generic but I think the topic an important one. Too many people try to predict what is going to happen based on thier own interpretations of Bible prophecies. While I believe, and it is quite verifiable, that all prophecy in scripture, save for that remnant yet to pass, has been fulfilled to the letter. Fulfilled to the very day, in the very manner and very specifically. Not some after the fact, random reflections as attributed to such fakery as nostradamus's so called prophecies. But very specific foretellings of events that transpired exactly as foretold.
    But I don't belive that the foretelling is the purpose. I believe it is the fulfillment. Here is my response to a recent query on the subject.

    Scripture says that it is "The glory of Kings" to search out a thing. And that we are to "Study to show ourselves approved". But a lot of people who study prophecy fall into the trap of trying to make it fit modern day happenings. It is what I call forcing a square peg into a round hole. You can make it fit but it leaves a lot of blank space around it. Too many theologians, especially amateur ones, which I include myself in that category, are apt to err in that regard. That is why people have been finding fulfillment of revelation for centuries in the events of their day.
    I have to admit that some interpretations leave me scratching my head too.

    There are too many possibilities right now for the one world government to arise from. I believe that it will be from an area that theologians have not even considered. Some prophecies are very specific while others are more vague. I believe purposely so in order to spur the Saints to in depth study. Not so they can identify the beast and the Anti-Christ before they arise, but to be able to identify them when they do.

    Remember that after his rise many are deceived. Scripture says "my people perish for lack of wisdom". One of the pre-requisites for the rapture to occur is for a "great falling away" to take place. The Greek word is a great "apostia". The word we get the English word "Apostasy" from. The word translated from the original Hebrew as "great" is only used three times in all of scripture. In the "great" flood, and the "great" earthquake of Revelation that levels mountains across the globe. So it is not just large, or big, it is "biblicaly great", as in worldwide flood and catastrophe. Many over the years have claimed that this event has already taken place. Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. They claim that in today's world a lot of people are not going to church anymore. They have "fallen away". This is trying to fit prophecy into today's events. Reading a prophetical meaning into every headline in the newspaper.

    I have found, and I believe that the remaining prophecies to be revealed to us will not "come as a thief in the night", but that we will know them when they happen.

    Prophecy was not put there for us to anticipate the future, in my opinion, but so that we would recognize the events when they occurred. God says in scripture that he "reveals the ending from the beginning". He tells us that the sure word of prophecy is his proof to us that his words are true. It is a sign of hope and assurance that he is in control of all things. It is not a game to try and guess the events of the world in advance. That said tho, we should always study and seek answers in his revealed word. And it is prudent and wise to view the events in our world in relation to Bible prophecy. But we cannot let our interpretations of that prophecy interfere in our pursuance of living a life pleasing to our creator. And we should not let our frail and flawed human reasoning present a false view or interpretation that might lead people astray or cause them to focus on some bogus theoretical theological treatise and miss the important things happening somewhere else. Setting dates and times is one way that Satan uses man's vanity to further his purposes. He has used good, Godly men for all of creation by letting them believe that they have discovered some hidden truth, some undiscovered gem. And in their vanity they lead many astray.

    It is much safer and much more prudent to allow scripture to interpret itself and to wait to recognize it when it does.
    You say that you are a new Christian, welcome to the family of God. I would urge you to focus on the basics. Theological debate and eschatology are all very exciting and fun to study but in the end they really don't matter. What I mean by that is I have seen too many people get so wrapped up in other areas that they forget about what's important. And that is salvation and spreading the salvation message to the lost. Being sure and strong in your faith, having the basics down. Believing that Christ rose and died for our sins. Believing that only through him can we come to the father. Believing that we are immortal beings with a God given breath of life, an immortal soul and that we will be held to an accounting of how we have lived our brief, mortal, lives. After that all else is secondary. If you have the basics down. If you are fully equipped and prepared to explain, promote and defend, and if need be, die for those beliefs, then all else is icing on the cake.

    So don't let me deter you from studying prophecy or from seeking to understand what lies ahead of us. But be aware that it really doesn't matter. God is in control and we will know his plans for us when they are revealed. Pray and study that you are found to be approved and will be one of the "remnant" that the Anti-Christ cannot deceive, for it is said he "will deceive the very elect if possible". It is my personal belief that the great falling away will be millions of avowed Christians across the world and one of the things that will cause that falling away will be their belief in teachings that will prove to be false. This is my personal belief, arrived at after years of study, and that is that this teaching that we will be raptured away before the end times, before the rise of the Anti-Christ and the tribulation period is one of the most dangerous theologies to ever be conceived by man, or by Satan. It is a theory and one that is deeply flawed, yet I have been in many churches where it was taught as Biblical fact. When millions of Christians around the globe are suddenly thrust into the middle of the tribulation period, and are arrested, tried and executed for their beliefs. After they have been taught their entire lives that "the Bible says" that we won't be there. That is the one scenario that I can see that would result in the "great" falling away. But, only time will tell. But we who study and search will not be taken by surprise. We keep our lanterns lit and wait for the bridegroom to come.

    God Bless and keep studying

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    I have read this 3 times, I will probably read it again.

    Thank you for posting it, it is insightful and encouraging.
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    Thank you, I appreciate the positive feedback!
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