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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BAT1, Jan 31, 2007.

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    I been doing this for years. Got this idea from a Trucker whose company won't let him carry to protect himself. A flare gun. It's listed as a marine product. 12 ga rocket that will definitely mess up someones day if hit by it. I've hiked and backpacked with it too. Just a safety device. They make double barreled ones too.
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    Thanks for the link Sea, I assume you have played with a few of these before. Is there any particular gauge that you recommend? I would like to add a couple to my BOBs.
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    The marine type heavy duty flare guns will blow your head off. I once read in "A Rifleman went to War" by McBride that he saw a German shot with one when an Englis trench was overrun, and it took off half his head.

    I've seen the light weight versions of the 12Ga. and they would only make someone angry.

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    The 21mm ones with the extended cartridges really reach up there. They also come with a 12 gauge insert for firing the shot-shell flares. I have some flares that are reaching expiration date, maybe I can find a test dummy and light them up; any volunteers?[dunno]
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    So it has all the legal liability of a firearm with none of the lethal effects,...
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