Proud of my lad-you will be too!

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by -06, May 14, 2011.

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    Fri night we took our last graduate out to a Japaneese steak house and while there my son(at Ft Bragg, NC) called. His words were something like this: Dad, you will absolutely not believe what just happened. I was standing in line at the "shopette" (base convience store) when this middle eastern looking soldier came in. He ripped off his flag patch, said "MF" the US, and started burning the patch with a cigerette lighter. I jumped out of line, tackled his a-- driving him out through the doors, and pinned him down in the parking lot. I checked him out throughly for wires or explosives while holding him down till the MPs arrived. They searched the entire lot/building/etc. and found nothing. I am just so very very proud that my son came out of the line of who knows how many and took care of business. Just wanted to stand up on the table and relate the story to everyone there---but they would have thought I was overly proud of him---Hey, I AM. Will said that he did not even think but just reacted and that he just could not stand to have some POS disgrace the flag in his presence. Will has been deployed twice and is now a Pathfinder. He has about twenty jumps in already. D---, I am proud of that lad!!!
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    Good for him.
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    Good on him and all that he stood up for.
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    Seems like your SON, has his head on just Right.... Shows that he was brought up, to be a Honorable Man, and has Personal Integrity, to the point of Self-sacrafice for his buddies... That, My Monkey Friend, is about the best result, that one can expect, from our children. Congrats, to you AND Him....
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    Very cool. Not many Americans have balls to do the right thing anymore. Your kid has got em'.
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    Hat's off to you and family -06...
    I like a story with a happy ending...
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    [applaud] Sounds to me that he was brought up right. You should be proud of him. Freedom isn't free, but most people don't want put forth any sacrifice, they want .gov to do it for them. That will always make slaves of people. People that are free have to be willing to put their lives on the line from time to time.

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    BRAVO! I'd buy the trooper a beer if I could. People put down our young men and women in uniform, but this kind of thing isn't as rare as they would have us believe - our kids DO 'get it' if they are brought up correctly!
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    You have good reason to be proud. I don't even know your son, but I'm proud of him too.
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    The lad is headed back to Afghan. for his third trip this fall. Sure wish that lying POS kenyan would do what he promised and get us out of that s---hole. Would be a surprise if he kept any promise. Let's keep all our soldiers under an umbrella of prayer--it is the most we can do.
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