Proud to be from Oklahoma..just rubbing it in.

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    I can say that I am proud to be from Oklahoma. I found the county election result map for the lower 48 and not one county in Oklahoma was blue. The only other state like this was West Virginia and Alaska. Just makes me proud and a Deplorable (I guess).

    US elections 2016 live results: track who is winning, county by county
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    I do wonder if voting districts will be re-drawn. Watch the states that turned from blue to red.
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    Is that legal?

    Oh never mind.

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  4. BTPost

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    Nope, Not until the next Census.... or someone gets a Court Order, by showing "Cause"....
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    Isn't it state to state?
  6. oldawg

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    Yep. And the libs here in Texas have gerrymandering honed to fine point. Look at the blue islands here. I'm speaking to you from the state that gave you S.Jackazz Lee.
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