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    As part of a "variety" box from we got #10 can of Buttermilk Bisucits.

    Directions are simple enough, add milk or water to powder, mix, knead, roll, cut, and bake.

    Just a bit of background, I can make biscuits light and fluffy and flakey from scratch, no problem
    Over the last two weekends we have made these biscuits - 3 batches total.

    1st batch: Utter FAIL. The biscuits did not rise at all, were still "doughy" in the middle after baking (the result of not rising), were hard and chewy. I thought maybe I did something wrong. Too much mixing or kneading possibly.

    2nd batch: When I did this batch i did the minimums on mixing and kneading and rolling. Still totally flat and HARD biscuits.

    3rd batch: I added a TBLS of baking powder to the mix, this caused the biscuits to rise nicely and bake nice and fluffy, though not flakey like the family likes.

    The result, I will not be getting any more of this mix to add to my supplies. I can easily mix all the powdered ingredients and the shortening and store it, just add milk when ready.

    I could not find a date code on the can, I did see "27008" on the bottom. Not sure if that number is the MFG date or not. It definatly seem like the soda bicarbonate is past it's prime and not creating the gas needed to rise the biscuits.

    Anybody else try the "Buttermilk Biscuit Mix" from Provident Pantry?
    Just my thoughts.
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    Did you contact Emergency Essentials, and tell them? They cannot fix the problem, if they are not aware of it. Nuff said
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    Got a response from Emergency Essentials today:
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    Sounds like they failed to adequately test the revised product! Knowing this now, they need to provide better instructions on what to add to make it perform correctly!
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    Hmmmmm.... Sounds like you got the message about adding baking powder to the mix to make it work. I use it and love it. All you have to do is follow directions.
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    i like my own bisquit mix
    its so versatile, easy to make and as far as im concerned
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    We have a recipe section. Why not share your biscuit mix recipe. Many of us are open to trying other's recipes. I am rather lazy about biscuits myself, I use a no knead drop biscuit recipe.
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    mmmmm...buttermilk biscuits...some country ham, few eggs over easy, red-eyed gravy, grits, fresh sliced tomato, glass of milk, some honey and butter....damn this Special-K crap.
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