Psy-ops at the Apple store

Discussion in 'Technical' started by CATO, Aug 28, 2012.

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    When I learned to sell clothing at 13 we didn't have or need a book... I learned from a little jewish store owner who taught me things that i have used throught my life... Folks he sold to never knew what hit them and they were happy to buy what ever he reccommended...
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    Sales may seem to be dark-sided and dishonest, but the real "genius" in pervasive, mind twisting exists in marketing. Much, if not all of what can be found in the Apple manual is taught at universities with courses like interpersonal communications, it's not "bad" to know these things, although the implementation of these ideas and application may appear to be a bit creepy. Marketing is the true evil, though.
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    He who "Markets themselves the BEST, get to be President..... Even if 90% of what they say is TOTAL BS...... Sheeple don't care, they just follow along....
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