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    This page integrating the FCC and homeland security is a matter of concern.

    First clue: (enable the FCC to assist the public)

    As usual it has fairly broad authority and language that is subject to liberal interpretation (intended pun).
    They have spectrum authority, the EAS system on cable, radio and OTA TV.
    The EAS system can override every cable system, TV and Radio station in the USA now, although it still has a few bugs.

    Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau

    PSHSB is organized with the Emergency Response Interoperability Center (ERIC) and three divisions: the Cybersecurity and Communications Reliability Division, the Operations and Emergency Management Division, and the Policy and Licensing Division. In addition, PSHSB has a Front Office consisting of senior leadership and management staff.
    Office of the Bureau Chief

    The Bureau's front office provides general leadership and direction to the Bureau as it carries out its functions pursuant to delegated authority. Visit page >>
    Emergency Response Interoperability Center (ERIC)

    The Emergency Response Interoperability Center (ERIC) is responsible for developing and implementing a national interoperability framework for the 700 MHz nationwide interoperable broadband public safety wireless network. Visit page >>
    Cybersecurity and Communications Reliability Division (CCR)

    CCR works with the communications industry to develop and implement improvements that help ensure the reliability, redundancy and security of the nation's communications infrastructure. Visit page >>
    Policy and Licensing Division

    The Policy and Licensing Division serves the public interest by developing policies that advance public safety communications for first responders, health care, 9-1-1 services and persons with disabilities. Visit page >>
    Operations and Emergency Management Division (OEM)

    OEM manages and leads the FCC's All Hazards emergency preparedness and response activities. Visit page >>

    The FCC's Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) is responsible for developing, recommending, and administering the agency's policies pertaining to public safety communications issues. These policies include 9-1-1 and E9-1-1; operability and interoperability of public safety communications; communications infrastructure protection and disaster response; and network security and reliability. PSHSB also serves as a clearinghouse for public safety communications information and emergency response issues.
    A primary goal of PSHSB is to support and advance initiatives that further strengthen and enhance the security and reliability of the nation's communications infrastructure and public safety and emergency response capabilities that will better enable the FCC to assist the public, first responders, law enforcement, hospitals, the communications industry and all levels of government in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic or terrorist attack.

    PSHSB Overview
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    This is nothing new... Just the FCC setting up the Regulatory Structure that will administer the creation of the Public Safety 700 MHz inter operational Communications for First Responders. This system was mandated by Congress, after 9/11 when none of the outside departments and groups could communicate with each other, and with the majority of NYC's Base Units destroyed when the Twin Towers fell, Comms was nonexistent for those trying to help. Made things tHat much harder for those involved. When implemented, this will allow ALL departments to be able to have a Common Set of Comms Channels, and still have their local stuff. It also allows the Feds to have complete Mobile and Potable Comm Centers that FEMA Can deploy to allow outside outfits to immediately have common Comms Channels as they enter a Designated Disaster Zone, and get going faster to respond under the direction of the Disaster Incident Commander. There is nothing sinister here... And these folks going into this bureau, are some of the smartest, and brightest of Comms Specialists, in the FCC. I have been waiting for these guys to get organized for the last 5 years. They have done a lot of work already, but now they can actually make, and publish Rules on how this is all supposed to work, so that the Hardware Guys can start building the systems and Mobile Centers that make this work. All I have to say is: "It is ABOUT TIME!!!!!"
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    They have used the twin towers to sell many things and still do, the war in Iraq comes to mind.

    Great concept, actually a fantastic goal of interoperability with varying levels of success and interoperability over 10 years after the towers came down.
    One goal was reallocation of former TV VHF low band for public service. Now they are fast tracking the auction for mobile phone and data.

    Having gone under my share of FCC inspections there are some good people on the field level but you get above that and it is a cluster. So mix of Homeland Security, FEMA and the FCC on the admin level causes concerns for me.
    The President has sole responsibility for determining when the EAS will be activated at the national level, and has delegated this authority to the director of FEMA. FEMA is responsible for implementation of the national-level activation of the EAS, tests, and exercises.
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    Not to mention the fact that NORAD was on stand down notice and there is plenty of evidence to support the claims to actual drills being carried out the day of 9-11, thus facilitating a larger conspiracy than some might have originally thought. When it comes to organization of departments and coordinating efforts, the alphabet agencies have routinely butted heads --but it certainly did not lend a hand in what transpired in 2001. In fact, the organization of the federal government under one umbrella task force was long sought after, and its origins are more familiar than you may think:

    Hitler creates a scenario to convince the people to support his 'Enabling Act', thus promoting "Fatherland Security" for the good of the nation.

    Bush promotes a scenario to convince the people to support the 'Patriot Act', thus enabling "Homeland Security" for the good of the nation.

    This is not a "Government Conspiracy", since the corporate cartel in place already runs Washington. In fact, everything is already incorporated, and a look at Dunn and Bradstreet will confirm this --right down to your state government and local police. In the year 2013, there is no such thing as "Government" any longer. The corporate banking cartels got into the government business a long time ago, and this isn't just happening in America.

    Bruce is correct, when he mentioned how the "improvements" really do help organize response time and permit agencies to communicate effectively. I am sure the 'official report' also focused on this idea by explaining away many tons of steel and concrete rubble brought down to tiny fragments and pulverized into dust particles by jet fuel. I suppose in the world we now reside, independent scientific study can be ignored altogether because it just makes people feel more safe knowing that the "government" is hot on the trail of eliminating terrorism and promoting security for all the masses. (/ sarcasm)

    rchstag. World Trade Center burning.
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    EAS, and the above, are two totally separate issues, under two different Bureaus, at the Commission. When ALGORE gutted the Field Operations Bureau, back in the Clinton Administration, most of the Good Engineering Staff were RIF'ed, and the few that were left, were kept busy just doing the Paperwork to keep their Offices Open. After that the Political Appointees, took over the running of the Commission, as the Old Engineers reTIRED, and made the Commission much more Political, rather than what it had been, for 60 years, an Engineering & Regulatory Body. This whole "Selling of Bandwidth" is what got the Commission in the Political Realm, and has basically destroyed what was a Great institution. Follow the MONEY, and see who is being appointed as Commissioners... These are NOT the Engineers... They are Lawyers, and former Lobbyists, for the Big Comms Outfits. Makes you wonder, who is getting rich, off these deals, and who is getting screwed, besides the Public.... ......
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    If only some folks would, or could, actually understand, ENERGY, Where it lies,(Static) and how it is applied (Moving) to the Twin Towers collapsing, they would make such STUPID statements as the above...... I mean really, it is just plain STUPID... for an Entropy point of view......
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    Not so "stupid" when compared to every other steel structure in history, which has never fallen down into tiny fragments due to combustion.

    Click here: ---> Remember Building 7 | Stand with the 9-11 families demanding a NEW Building 7 investigation - 7 Facts about Building 7

    Here's some science behind it, Bruce...
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    Broker we are NOT talking about Building 7... Quit trying to change the subject, when you got caught saying something STUPID..... We are talking about the ENERGY that pulverized the Twin Towers into rubble, when they collapsed, and where it came from..... It was NOT in the Jet Fuel... There aren't enough BTU's in the Jet Fuel, and even ALL the Burning Material, that the Jet Fuel, IGNITED to cause that kind of destruction..... Any competent Structural Engineer knows this, as does anyone who just does some critical thinking, about the simple Physics involved... I mean DUH.... Go back and do your OWN thinking, about where all that ENERGY Came from, and then come back and tell us ALL, the Answer....
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    I just gave you the answer. And I never said it was jet fuel. Re-read my post, please. And, building 7 is absolutely relevant, if not moreso than the twin towers.

    Again, the data:

    “These results indicate that under ambient con-
    ditions the hybrid inorganic/organic energetic
    composite is very stable to impact, is spark in-
    sensitive, and only very slightly friction sensi-
    tive. As noted in the Experimental section of
    this report, in our hands wet hybrid nanocompo-
    sites are safe to handle and difficult to thermal
    [sic] ignite. However, once dry the material
    burns very vigorously and rapidly with the evo-
    lution of significant amounts of gaseous spe-


    It can be applied in paint form. Isn't that nanoenergetics stuff cool?

    And you have made it quite clear you believe everything I have posted to be "STUPID". You don't have to keep stating this, and in fact, it's quite annoying. ;)
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    What, might I ask, has 9/11 building collapses to do with the 700MHz bands for common comms, other than triggering the movement toward facilitating inter-agency communications? Jeez.
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    Probably the FCC, its under the umbrella of the Homeland Security, the idea was introduced in the post above:

    So, there is relevance, albeit arguable and definitely a touchy subject for some who still live in denial. But, I digress.
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    Col. Meyers: [during a readiness exercise]: What's your assessment of this situation, Gunny?
    Highway: It's a cluster (edit) phuck, sir.
    Col. Meyers: Say again?
    Highway: Marines are fighting men. They shouldn't be sitting around on their sorry asses filling out request forms for equipment they should already have, sir.

    Failure to conduct engineering studies of potential co- and adjacent-channel interference stemming from a repack of TV spectrum and the repurposing of different amounts of spectrum in different markets — known as spectrum “variability” — threatens to derail FCC efforts to free up TV spectrum for the wireless industry and maximize auction proceeds.

    Those are among most important conclusions of reply comments filed June 28 by NAB with the Federal Communications Commission.

    The 10-page filing submitted by NAB spectrum point man Rick Kaplan draws on comments filed by wireless companies, including AT&T and Verizon, and even smartphone maker Research In Motion as well as the association's own spectrum expertise to make the case that the commission has not done the necessary work to understand the likely interference resulting from variable use of spectrum from market to market. Before proceeding with a spectrum auction and repack, the FCC must engage in what the comments describe as a rigorous "study of the effect of variability on interference between broadcasters and wireless operators."
    Branding interference as “a threshold issue,” the NAB comments drew an analogy between the repack and the agency’s LightSquared proceeding. “If the Commission does not study and address it [interference], then the law will not allow the Commission to employ it [variability],” the comments said. A “rigorous look” at the interference issue “might well demonstrate that the costs of variability outweigh its perceived benefits.”
    Drawing on comments filed by AT&T, NAB noted that the telecommunications giant said it has begun studying the issue of co-channel interference from TV transmissions to wireless base station receivers and as preliminarily found “that separation distances could significantly limit the ability to offer different amounts of spectrum at auction” on a market by market basis.
    NAB quoted comments from Verizon pointing out that “[a]bsent natural barriers between markets, such as mountains that mitigate co-channel interference, geographic separation zones of 200km-400km would likely be required to mitigate interference from broadcaster transmitters into wireless base stations.”
    NAB also urged the commission to adopt a nationwide spectrum-use plan as an alternative to market variability.
    The association concluded that consideration of interference issues “can no longer be treated as an afterthought because, if left unaddressed, it threatens to at least delay the auction, if not undermine its effectiveness.”
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    Signals gan be jammed in any frequency range. Ric
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