Public Schools & The Police State

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    Public Schools Are Preparing America’s Children For Life In A Police State
    My crews have done many schools in our area and they all are being constructed for micro-management. Each classroom has two way speakers and cameras that can be monitored from the desk top of the principal, district and so on if you have privelages to the system. Tie this into common-core curriculum and your kids are being programmed just the same as billy down in Colorado. The teachers have little flexibility in teaching our kids, there hands are tied.....
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    I gotta quit reading this stuff. Not because I don't care or because I don't believe it but because I DO care and I DO believe it and I'm afraid of what I may do.
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    Home School your kids, OR, make yourself known to the Principle, "IN PERSON" and have a nice chat with him/her where you let them KNOW, that you will tolerate NONE OF that BS, PERIOD. If they have any Questions, concerning your Child, they MUST Call and Confirm, with you, PERIOD, or you will sue their A$$ Off, Period. You also let them know, that you relinquish NONE OF YOUR Parental Rights, to them, PERIOD. None of my children's Principles, EVER Wanted to see me return to there office, a SECOND Time, however a few of them did get a Second Visit, but NEVER a Third. We both Home Schooled, and had them in Public School, and they all have children in school of their own, now. There is one Ex High School Principle, that quit, after a SECOND encounter with Me, and the School Board President, told mutual Friends, "He never wanted to have to deal with Me, AGAIN, after that encounter.
    I am Legendary, in Town, in the Education Community. I suspect they were extremely happy when my youngest Graduated from High School.... ......
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    Agree. Private school or home school your kids. Public schools are govt run and will cooperate with other govt agencies like DHS , or govt cronies like Planned Parenthood or gay activists. whereas a private or homeschool will not without the parents' consent. We have a local teacher who was harassed and fired for speaking against the PP people on campus and regularly in classrooms indoctrinating middle school kids.
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    Living in a state with a wacko socialist like Cuomo running things really has made having kids in public school a challenge.I'm also not prepared to remove them from that atmosphere.Being involved with the school system and kids education is really all you can do.My kids are young and they like the social atmosphere that the school has,luckily we are in a small town.In the city schools shooters will be most likely taken down by students carrying illegal guns.
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