Puerto Rico, let's converse about SHTF.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by M118LR, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. M118LR

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    Mother Nature is fickle and has been challenging Mankind since the beginning.
    Geraldo Herrera is reporting from the Island. He's stump thumping (blaming the Administration) that the island needs generators to restore power because all the able bodied folks on the islands left prior to Hurricane Maria. All that's left are the elderly and children. They need refrigeration for food & medication. None of them are able to assist in the restoration. The lines for fuel to run the current generators is 9 hours long, and rationing only allows $10 of fuel purchase at a time. Power lines and cell towers still lie across the streets, 4 days after the storm. Bottom Line: All the folks that could help themselves & others have fled? Why isn't Mainland America Doing More?

    Sidenote: Geraldo suddenly found out that money is of no relevance during a disaster, and he's whining about it. (Privilege, God helps those that help themselves.)

    Am I being to cynical? If you live on an Island that shall most likely be without power why wouldn't you have a stock of non-refrigerant food? If all the folks that could assist their kinfolks have deserted them, why is Geraldo ranting about the assistance being rendered from perfect strangers? Even with the thousands of gallons of water constantly flowing into the island, there are shortages. Talk about SHTF lessons for Survivalists, is this what is meant by being on an Island?
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    If you live in an area where you expect hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc., on a regular basis then you need to be ready to take care of you family and neighbors to a somewhat lesser extent. I'm stunned when these things happen on a regular basis and people not only don't think about it beforehand but fail to learn from hard lessons.

    What kind of an ass bite would leave the elderly and children behind to fend for themselves? Either take them with you or stay with them.

    You local government had also better be making preparations for continuity of services as well or they shouldn't be taking your tax monies to spend on other less important things (like locally bridges that can be used for everything except cars). Ultimately you are responsible for your family.
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    NB- That is NOT the US Federal gov't, it is entirely the PR government's problem. That they are on the verge of financial wrack and ruin is NOT Congress or Trump's fault. Pardon me if I think that Florida's damages are more important than that asswipe Rivera thinks. (There's another candidate for keel hauling.)
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    That Local Government and Puerto Rico, well the Jets are all here. (West side Story Reference) If you get my drift.
    It's a corrupt Island Territory, like a entitlement subdivision, the currency of the realm is the EDP card, Like New York, folks here in Florida are from there! (Far From There)
    Not to mention that they think all Americans should be able to converse in thier native Spanish, and are insulted when us crackers understand yet refuse to speak the language. JMH Experience.
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    Puerto Rico was 9 Billion in debt pre-Maria. I have been discussing this and I have no idea how to solve this. Puerto Rico is a perfect example of an entitlement society. They have not been able to get their debt under control. I have been watching their financial train wreck for years. Now a natural disaster has happened and they are screaming.

    These people want help and things to be okay right now, right this minute. They have failed to see the largeness of this disaster. They are focused on themselves. These people were sent back to the dark ages according to the newspapers. Where does one start? What are the first needs? Food, shelter and water. Throw in some medical and IMO those are the critical 1st things needed. Power is huge and needed but those things cannot be restored immediately so patience will have to be practiced.

    Anyone notice how Houston metro area is silently recovering while Puerto Ricans are screaming give me, help me..... very telling IMO.
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  6. Seawolf1090

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    Sounds like SOUTH Florida. North Florida is firmly American. And we send our aid to the bottom of our own state, not to an uppity island that wants our benefits but not the responsibility of becoming a state.
  7. M118LR

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    Motomom34, ever watched Scrooged? Wait for the the "Shed them Claire" line. There is a mentality derived from generations trained to depend on entitlements. I'll blame LBJ and his Great Society for this. JMHO.
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  8. Motomom34

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    Does anyone know what Puerto Rico is good for? What do they produce?

    They want the perks of being part of America without wanting to become American. That is an insult to me. Yes, I have been mulling over how does one begin to repair devastation of this magnitude. Much of their debt is pensions. People are going to want their pensions but they also want roads, electricity and all other things. Something has to give.

    I am hoping the dam that was threatening to let go has stabilized but have not heard due to all reports coming out of Puerto Rico have been people screaming for help. I do not like to see people suffer but we had people, Houston people and Florida people who also lost and they are silently rebuilding their lives. I went to a local Houston paper and read how people, the middle class are losing what they achieved. It is interesting to watch the different reactions and reporting.
  9. M118LR

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    If you ever really experienced a disaster, it's like triage. What is really needed to survive? Look to those that live on the edge of survival to explain triage. All the others are crying into the wind. They need to learn to suffer in silence, they just might be the sole survivors. Things look different in retrospect. JMHO.
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  10. RouteClearance

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    I find it hard to believe that most of the able bodied individuals just up and left before the hurricane hit. Can you imagine the number of flights it would take to evacuate all of them. On top of that, where did they all go to? Cuba!!!!
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  11. ghrit

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  12. Motomom34

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    Food, shelter, water and medical. Those are the big things but also that is a moist area and I am sure they will be having a bug issue which will lead to illness. When you say what is needed to survive, one must consider that your answer needs to apply to all ages. There pharmacies were affected so there will be a medication shortage. Grocery stores were impacted so formula and diapers are probably in short supply.

    PS- no I did not watch Scrooged.
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  13. M118LR

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    Prior to posting this question did you consider that I am one of the aged protecting the children? My will to survive may pass my skill to survive, yet I may be capable of surviving when tasked to make sure that the Grandchildren I'm charged with survive. My body may be weak, but I've long ago established that my will shall outlive my body. Now If you want to give me the responsibility to ensure that those (Grandchildren) survive beyond my will for them to survive, I've been long dead and I guarantee they have a chance. Even on the other side, Y'all wouldn't want to brace me in defense of the little one's. JMHO.
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  14. Motomom34

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    Last disaster, your kin boot scooted out of Florida and left you with the dogs. :LOL:

    In my opinion and from what I have read, most people live and prep for their children and grandchildren. I do what I do for my children. I gave life to my children once and if what I am doing by learning, prepping and sharing skills with my children, gives them life post-disaster then I have done my job.

    Now I have to go read your original post.
  15. Imasham

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    Ummm...in the last two referendums on the matter (November 2012 and June 2017) the results were a desire to have statehood. The June vote was 97% in favor! Are you personally wanting 100% before you accept them??? I believe the problem has been with your Congress, not with Puerto Ricans not being in favor of it. Yes, the voter turnout was low but this has been a problem in MANY US referendums and elections.
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  16. techsar

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    Why would the United States want them, along with their debt?
  17. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    If I might, the things you endure for your children, are not even close to the sacrifices to ensure that thier children survive, when you are even more aged (Less capable) than you where when you thought you made a sacrifice for them. As a Navy Frogman there wasn't anything that I couldn't survive that my children wouldn't survive (Proven). Now, the next level of survival is based on the Children's children's survival. Knowing full well what we are conversing about, did you Honestly want to brace me afield when I was at my prime and defending merely the children? Back then I needed to survive! Today I might be sacrificially, did you really want to base the future of your tribe on those conditions? Least I remind you that my life get's more insignificant the father down the chain we walk?
    I'm more than willing to expend every skill I've learned in Combat to defend those that have never even considered what I've been trained and proven in OJT to accomplish in thier defense. After my demise, and those that sacrificed after my demise, the Little Folks may just have an attitude that make's for your demise? Yes I'll be laughing from the land above about your failure.
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  18. Imasham

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    I agree. But my comment was in response to another comment that the Puerto Ricans want the perks of being American without actually wanting to be Americans. I was merely pointing out that this appears to not be the case.

    That said, the answer to your question is that the US has already taken them. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and by law the population are citizens of the US. Who else should be bailing them out? Besides, the US has already established precedent in this manner with the New Deal creation in 1935 of the Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration.
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  19. Dunerunner

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    Turn out was 22.9% of those registered to vote. Probably expatriated US residents. What little agriculture they have has been hampered by governmental priorities being shifted to industrialization. What was left was virtually destroyed by Maria.
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  20. Imasham

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    Forgot to mention...another answer to Techsar's question about why you would want them and their debt is that the US can afford it. The current Puerto Rican debt, including the pension issue, is $120 billion which is just 0.6% of the current US debt of $20.175 trillion.
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