For Sale Pure water out of thin air! EcoloBlue water generators ... w or w/o solar

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    Just listed--the newly upgraded EcoloBlue 30ME (maximum efficiency) uses a Panasonic variable compressor, which saves electricity as the unit pulls as much as 30 liters of pure water out of the air.

    Clean water is THE survival issue of the 21st century. EcoloBlue is the best solution out there ...

    With the solar kit or without ...

  2. Ganado

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    this might be good in a high humidity environment or closed environment but what about a dry environment?
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  3. JC Refuge

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    It works when humidity is at least 35% ... 50% or more is ideal.
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    Typical humidities here in the desert SW run about 10 - 15%. And that's early morning. During the summer it can dip under 5% and stay there all day. That's why evaporative coolers work so well - until the monsoons arrive.
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    Actually, --there is ALWAYS a cheaper way to get something done (though in this case, there is not a better way to pull adequate amounts of water from the air--should provide for two or three people). But the fact of the matter is, water generators are huge business these days around the world--the EcoloBlue brand has actually been in business the longest, if I recall, and they offer the most economical systems, which is why we have chosen to offer their units.

    Ecoloblue does have a unit that is about $200 less than the 30ME, but it uses more electricity and is less efficient. We can sell it, but we prefer to be giving our customers reasonably-priced good quality systems that fit the needs of preppers.

    They also offer far more expensive industrial units that make up the bulk of their business these days globally. We can sell those as well.

    Competing brands we have found are priced significantly higher.

    So bottom line--a dehumidifier is at the core of the water generator principle. But a dehumidifier or two in your basement are not going to provide you with the water you need to survive. They also use a great deal of power and I doubt you could even run a dehumidifier for long using solar power.

    And why should you want to pull water from the air? ... well in Ohio--you probably would not need to unless your water sources are polluted or the environment becomes contaminated in some way. But in many parts of the globe--there is no greater issue than water rights and availability problems. Soon, wars, they say will be fought over water, not oil.
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    BTW--interested parties should check our coupon codes bunker.
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    Thank you for your response. I've read and watched all the information provided, but I appreciate a vendor taking the time to explain his product.
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    thanks @JC Refuge for your response to my question about low humidity environments.

    one more question

    I noticed in the video that they reintroduce minerals.... do you have any more info on that aspect of this water unit? I wondering if you have to buy replacements and their cost as well as cost of filter replacements. Just wondering about overall maintenance costs and timing of filter and mineral replacement cartridges (sorry hope you get what I mean as I don't know what they call those canisters)
  11. JC Refuge

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    On page 37 of the product manual file: (also linked on our listing page) there is a paragraph and chart indicating what minerals are added back into water via the ceramic mineral filter.

    On page 12 (and beyond) of that manual the general maintenance schedule appears.

    We will likely be adding some filter kits to our store soon, but you can of course purchase all parts and filters directly from EcoloBlue as well. To get an idea of what you're look at, a 6-month quick change filter kit is about $140.
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