Put down that iPhone and tablet, iCloud believed to have been compromised

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sec_monkey, Sep 1, 2014.

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    If you NEVER use iCloud, then you do not have an issue...... Clouds are just another buzzword (NAME) for OnLine Internet Storage.... There is nothing special about them, except they are out there, on the Internet, instead of part of YOUR Computer. DropBox is just another Cloud, along with many many more. The ONLY thing I put in my DropBox, is stuff that I want to send to someone else, that will NOT fit in an eMail Attachment. I Never use Dropbox for ANYTHING Personal or sensitive, PERIOD. Certainly NEVER for ANY TYPE of Backup. Those are all done Local, or on my OWN LAN, to My OWN Servers. Same with any SYNC'ing between, either My, or Momma's, iDevices. Those are all Sync'd via a local LAN, OSX Server.
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    And here I was hoping you would post some sample pics, to show us the evil cloud contents noted above...... [CRC]
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