Putting an old smartphone to work as part of your preps

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Beano, Apr 12, 2013.

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    Would I be mistaken to envision use of a late-model, but unused smartphone (one that I would trade in) to be of good use as a prep item? This is what I have in mind: remove SIM card (OPSEC), use strictly as WiFi device right now to download apps that can be used off-network, such as GridNavFree, BackCountry Navigator, GeoCam, compass...some also are capable of receiving FM radio (iPods, as well). I have eBooks downloaded as well, such as FM 21-76, an almanac, star chart, atlas, encyclopedia, and various novels, movies, and music. Zeroizing all the cached web info and cookies would go without saying. Apart from being useful, it could also serve as kind of a time capsule if the absolute worst happened and you wanted to leave behind voice recordings and photos.

    I suppose that you could retain the SIM card, and in the worst kind of SHTF situation, use it in your old phone as a spoof or electronic bait.

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    There is another forum I'm on where a user is using old cell phones to create a security camera system. He uses a free app to turn the cell in to an IP WebCam, then a Linux program called ZoneMinder to record the action.
    I've got one old smart phone now, and may have another at the end of the month and I am currently trying to setup the cells as a security camera system.
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    Remote cameras--what a grand idea. Far as OPSEC, one's phone can be used to misdirect if needed. One does not have to be where his phone is.
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    I don't know that much about these techie-things, but I have a feeling that the GPS'es and that stuff are controlled via data-network and not satellites, the map-functionality in my phone at least don't work without a data-connection, same with the compass, it is digital and, well, don't ask me how it works, but it's not a magnetic compass but some space-age stuff that don't work without network.
    I don't know if theres an encyclopedia that you can download to your physical phone like that, but if there is that could come in handy, but the ones I've looked at are just links to go online with.

    I have a feeling you are better at this than me, but I'd go with stuff that has worked for hundreds and even thousands of years and trust they will last until I don't need them any more :)
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    Yep, keep two compasses plus topos of 15-20 counties around us. Have most state maps within 500 miles. About phones--if bugging out my phone stays home. No need to wear a cross hair on you AO. They will be monitored, tracked, and/or jammed. In all likelihood the GPS sats will probably be turned off for civilian use.
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    Most cellphones sold in the last couple of years have MultiBand RF Chips, WITH Built-in GPS Receivers.... ALL the Apple products that have Cellular Connections use such Chips, and some, like my iPad2, Mommas iPad3, and her iPhone4s, have a Hall Effect Sensor onboard, for Compass Readings, as well as Accelerometers for Relative Movement Tracking. (Keeps the Display, UP, no matter which way you spin it....) Each of these Subsystems can be turned OFF, thru User Settings, So you are SECURE from being located and tracked, IF you turn OFF the Cellular Modem Subsystem, (which includes the GPS subsystem) the WiFi subsystem, and the BlueTooth subsystem. it turns your Apple Product into a nice iPod/iTouch, or Electronic Memory Keeper.... with no Telltail RF leaking out... ......
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