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  1. Bishop

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    Any one use a PcP air gun to hunt with here is the one I use I get about 76 full power shots on a fill up 22 cal depending on the pellet I get 1020 fps have taken hogs at 35 to 40 yards with 32 gr pellets with head shots deadly on small game. KIMG0278.
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  2. Tikka

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    No PCP here.

    I have a RWS-Diana M48 springer and I've dropped garbage raiding raccoons at 35-40 yards. I've done some very modest testing on plywood etc. and the M48 is easily the equivalent of a 5.5" 22 revolver using shorts.

    Your PCP or Pre Charged Pneumatic is even more powerful.

    For the naysayers:
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  3. Bishop

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    The marader is the one I wanted but there was a 6 month wait on them so I went with the hammirl phunuma it came with the pump for 150$ less than just the gun.
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  4. Tikka

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    From what I read, you did quite well with buying the Hammerli Pneuma and saved $$ also.

    Hammerli Pneuma – Part 1 | Air gun blog - Pyramyd Air Report
    Personally, I prefer the European air guns over the American or Turkish. Just me, nothing more than my opinion. The Benjamin is nice also; however, I doubt a Hammerli is a slouch.

    The accuracy of a "adult precision" air rifle is unbelievable. With a scope, I've popped tree rats, aka squirrels at 40 yards out of trees with my M48. Eating my bird seed is OK; destroying the bird feeder is not OK.
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  5. Bishop

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    Yeah I have a mil dot scope I use on mine most of the time with it I can hit the red and white fishing bobers with it on the 4th mil dot at 100 yards from the bench also use a 2240 air pistol and a 1377 both shoot really good.
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  6. Altoidfishfins

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    I've had an RWS/Diana Model 36 (springer) for over 10 years. Low power scope I used to regularly pick off ground squirrels when I was on two acres in northern Nevada out to 30 yards or so. Even a few jackrabbits have fallen to head shots. Pretty impressive, lot of power and accurate.

    Now I use it to pick off noisy woodpeckers in my back yard. No neighbors have taken notice. It's not as if they would care anyway.
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  7. Yard Dart

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    So if a fella was going to buy the best general air rifle out there now days.... what would it be?
    I have not had an air rifle in so long, and now the selections are all across the board. Been thinking about picking one up, but not sure what is the best tool for the buck.
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  8. Bishop

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    Depends what cal you want 177 cal 22cal 25cal 30 cal 9 mm 45cal 50 cal and how much you want to spend I would say for the money a discover in 22 cal is a real good one or the one I been wanting a arrow gun but it shoots arrows.
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  9. Tikka

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    No matter if it is a springer, gas piston or PCP, the accuracy of pellet is amazing.

    The only scopes I have that aren't mil-dot are ones from pre-Army which was long ago. As they can be used for wind drift, target movement and drop; mil dots are really good stuff.

    I've taught the wife how to use the dots and make a range card. At first it was this is silly. Then all I have to do is use this dot or that and it became this is so cool. Click ups are next then doping the wind..
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  10. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Let just say that my parameters are as a prepper. I want something that will get the small game, hold up mechanically and overall is great to shoot.......because as a general rule... I am going to buy at least two of them. ;)

    Color me naive with the cal. of air gun's, back in the day when I did shoot them, we had BB's and pellets....
    What is the best caliber for an all around game get'r, that is available in general. I dont' hunt squirrel right now.... but if I was going to do any small game, all that I have is my 10-22's... what is the air gun of choice.... thank you for any input. :cool:
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  11. Tikka

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    @Yard Dart
    I've been quite successful with .22 up to raccoon size. However, that is all I've tried to shoot as any thing else has a lot more range. My ex-neighbor dropped a goat at about 10 yards with a .177 Wally world Gamo.
    He was single and got married. His wife said the house needed some pretty plants. Typically a newly wed he spent close to $300 on "pretty" bushes. Another neighbor's goats ate them. Needless to say the goat's owner wasn't a happy camper. The short form of a long story and a neighborhood war..
    So well placed, it will drop a large goat. As the neighbor is a hunter, he owns a deer rifle. He used the Gamo to avoid killing and got a real wake up call.

    As you know in real estate it is location, location and did I say location. With firearms, swap location for shot placement. IMO, any of the "adult precision" air rifles are extremely accurate. As a CF shooter, you'll be astonished at their accuracy. The difference is as it isn't a CF, shot placement is critical.
  12. Bishop

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    A discovery for the money and power.
  13. Witch Doctor 01

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    I have a selection of RWS, Diana, and Walther .177 pellet guns that I have taken small game and Varmint's up to 30 lbs. all are spring cocked with the Walther having a 15fps higher than the others....
  14. Tikka

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    A very good value for the $$ and it is dual fuel, PCP or CO2

    @Yard Dart
    As there are a few options: gas ram, spring, PCP which are you interested in? The advantage of the gas ram over the springer is it can stay cocked for days. Next is caliber, they go from .177 to .50. .177 and .22 are the cheapest route.

    I have .22 and .177. It is a Diana RWS side cock. I prefer that to the break barrel. To be honest, I've owned it for a long time and was shocked to see today's price.

    Rifles have one way recoil and air rifles have a two way recoil. Many rifle scopes are braced for 1 way and an air rifle's 2 way will destroy them.
    Although the rifle and scope packages look good, in my experience, the scopes aren't too good. Quality varies greatly.
    As the parallax adjusts from 3 yards to infinity, the Leapers bug buster is a fun scope.
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  15. Bishop

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    Here my baby with her scope. KIMG0294.
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  16. VisuTrac

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    I've got an old Benjamin/Sheridan Blue Streak in .20 cal. (5mm)
    It's definitely a vermin slayer. skunks, opossums, raccoons and a rogue chicken killing canine.

    Not a PCP, not as fast, but with proper shot placement it does the trick.

    Come to think of it. This has probably downed more animals and punch more X's than any other thing I own.
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  17. Tikka

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    She is beautiful! Do you hand pump? What brand and power of scope

    Same here with my RWS Diana M48. I've dropped a variety of critters with it. No rogue canines as my babies convince them to beat feet.
    I swapped the spring for a Maccari spring to increase accuracy. I've shot it so much I've re-tarred it and replaced the o-rings. Literally, it will head shot a squirrel at 30 yards with a Leapers 3-9.

    Ditto as realtors say location, location and did I say location? Shooters swap location for shot placement. ;)
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  18. Bishop

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    Yes I use the hand pump takes about 5 minutes to fill it up I have a center point 9-16-50 on her it's what I use on all of my rifles from my 264 win mag down to 17 her.
  19. Tikka

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    A very nice set up. Excluding my old dust gathering bench rest rifle, most of my scopes are 3-9 or 4-16 range.

    How do you like the .17? I was considering one of the hot ones; but played it safe with a 22-250. It's about .3 MOA.
  20. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    I like it just for the fact I hunt in a lot of areas that have houses and if I miss a twig will make the bullet come a part less likely to harm someone or something I not meaning to the 22/250 is a good round to I use a ar and a mvp predator in 5.56 75gr boat tail hollow point shooting in the neck drop in there tracks also a big fan of 7mm08 and 25-06
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