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    The Pyro Pocket Stove is made by Pyromid Outdoor Cooking Systems, Redmond, Oregon.

    As you can see in the picture, it comes with its own nylon carry pouch which has a strap on the back for sliding onto your belt. It is made from 26 guage stainless steel sheeting and complete package to include a package of Esbit fuel weighs 6 ounces.

    The Esbit fuel included is 3 of the larger tabs as shown in the picture. I ran a control test with 1/2 a tab as shown. Approximate burn time was 9 minutes 15 seconds. I had a measured 8 ounces of tap water in the canteen cup shown and the water temp reached 175 degrees F.


    Personally, I like the form of the stove, but feel it would be better if it was 24 gauge or thicker. Also if you can tell from the picture it has a small fuel platform which folds down. It warped just slightly during the tab burning process, which allowed the fuel to 'float' about the platform. Heavier metal could possibly help this.

    I bought both these on eBay for almost $13.00 to include shipping.

    In closing, it is certainly sturdier then the Esbit stove and I like the fact you can place it with the hinges into the wind, acting as a wind block. Each person will have to determine their own usage and needs.
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    Weight? Weight? Weigh? Anything I carry goes on the scale first.
    I believe both my brasslite and star esbit are around an ounce and a half.
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    Nice stove, I would like one smaller than the big multi-burner version that I have.
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    Nice pics and review...
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    That little folding stove looks neat, you could probably reinforce it easily with a cheapo 110 volt spot welder, which you can get on Harbor Freight very cheap. Just my $0.02. I guess if you had a spot welder though, you could make your own folding stoves pretty easy [beer]
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    certainly small. where do you get the esbit?
  7. ghrit

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