QE Bubble about to burst??

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Garand69, Feb 11, 2016.

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    ""Worse than Lehman" is how one European bond market trader described the carnage this week as the brief respite that ECB monetization and debt-buyback rumors provided yesterday have morphed into utter destruction this morning. European (and US) banks are a sea of contagious red with Deutsche Bank the tip of the collapse spear. Credit risk on Deutsche has exploded this morning with Sub CDS trading up 85bps to a record high 540bps... eerily reminiscent of the pre-Lehman bankruptcy week in 2008.

    Time to panic now?." Zerohedge

    Something I have been saying since 2009 is that Team O's intended "Transformation" will leave the economy so damaged that it will not matter who gets elected next, the hidden damage will begin to surface under the new administration and of course they will get the blame, putting Dems back in power in 2018-20.

    I was planning on buying the house I am renting this year, but a crash will knock that possibility off of the table. I have only just now recovered from the Housing Bubble, now the QE-Infinity Bubble is on the horizon.

    Add to this.... Desperate Nations due Desparate acts. China, already becoming beligerent, may become much more aggressive in the Pacific, and of course the Rooskies are already priming the pump for middle eastern domination. And here we sit, with a worn out and decimated Military and Trillions in debt.

    The Family has one thing going though.... We're Preppers.

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  2. Legion489

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    Well that certainly was doom and gloom.

    OK, the European Union stock market/economy is crashing and going to crash completely and burn.

    The US is $25 trillion in debt and Obummer wants to add another $4 trillion to that, to start with anyway. The US is propping up/feeding every other country in the world, for free, and they all hate us work and against us. Obummer wants to import millions of ISIS terrorists into the US, on top of what is already here and blames every bad choice he made/makes on Bush after seven years of having a free hand to do what he wants.

    HUD is destroying cities by importing thousands of welfare families into formerly thriving cities and forcing them to support them in a style I would like to try myself.

    China owns most of the copper, silver, gold mines in the US, untold trillions of US debt, GM and who knows what else. There are Chinese "work zones/factories" making who knows what in every state (usually near airports) that could be making nuclear bombs, nerve gas, or anthrax for all we know. China has stated openly they are planning for a war with the US.

    North Korea is run by a mad man with nuclear bombs.

    Our choices for prez are an ancient mummified communist that wants to give everyone everything for free, a not quite as old habitually lying communist, who's husband gave China every secret the US had, with a record of having anyone around her ending up dead (see the Klinton death clock), and a loud mouth with a bad comb over that looks like the only sane choice.

    Really, I just don't see this being as bad as you paint it.
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    @Legion489 You really have to stop suger coating things... ;)
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    Yes, I know, but I always like to look at the sunny side of life and don't want people to think it is all going to fall apart and that we are on the Highway to Hell (Highway to Hell, Stairway to Heaven, well that should give you an idea of the expected traffic), doom and gloom. I mean look at the good side which is... er... ah.... that is... um... well...
  5. VisuTrac

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    Did you see how much Gold jumped today?
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    ... And Totally Under Valued Should the Truth Become Known ...

    Great Blessings unto You my Blessed & Beloved Fellows .

    Yes, I was once told a while back by an old Patriot Gold & Silver
    Coin Dealer that the commodity value of these two Constitutionally
    sensitive metals had been so politically messed with and gerrymandered
    that it's True Natural commodity value was obscured by so many layers
    of deceit that most people would not understand that it's value was
    Undervalued When compared against more modern and Yet less
    trustworthy Weights & Measures .

    Of course, these metals are bought, sold & purchased
    nevertheless, but if per se the U.S.A. want back to the Gold Standard
    the cost of these metals might suddenly rise to a surprisingly high level,
    along with the cost of many other important commodities .

    However , I myself am unconvinced that I have offered
    enough truth to Make The Truth Become Known about this .

    Shame on me , my Friends .

    Furthermore , I'll do some research upon
    my thesis & I'll give out some better evidence .

    Here's Something ...
    Daily Dispatches | Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

    If The QE Bubble Does Burst, It will prove that many things,
    Including the True Price of These Metals are Undervalued .

    Rob Kirby on the Exchange Stabilization Fund :

    What follows is a powerful and important interview.
    If Rob Kirby is correct, the ESF (U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund)
    may be the hidden power that sustains the fiat, debt-based dollar
    and is the “heart of darkness” for the New World Order ...

    America's Most Closely Guarded Secret :

    The Covert Fund That Controls It All
    Rob Kirby on the Exchange Stabilization Fund

    If The Counterfeit & Progressive 'Capitalist' Global Financial &
    Economic System Does Fall Apart, The Buffer separating what
    is False From What Is True Will Disappear .

    Nothing Is Hidden Which Will Not Be Revealed ...
    There Will Be Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth .

    ... This Message Is To Be Continued ...
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  7. Garand69

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    I'm too poor for Gold..... I'm more of a brass and lead kinda guy :D
  8. Geneva Exile

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    Yes, my Blessed & Beloved Friend , Here Also You make a Good Point
    & It Is A HARD POINT .

    The Cost Of These Commodities You Mention, Do Fluctuate Also
    & Availability Can at Times Be Scarce & Cost Is Sometimes Determined
    By Political Conditions, Scalawags & Carpetbaggers ...
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  9. duane

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    I keep telling my wife that all that spare iron, steel, lead, copper, etc in my backyard and shop is my retirement account in metals, but she claims it is junk.
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  10. Geneva Exile

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    Greetings, Blessed & Beloved Duane ;

    Yes , Sir ; Some day we'll be Hauling Away Our Valued Treasure,
    Off To The Metal Dealers To Be Traded ... Won't the Woman Folk
    Love That Day ...
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