QE to infinity and beyond

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by CATO, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Gold and Dow Flash the Same Warning Signal | Greg Hunter

    I've really been noticing the cost of things at the grocery store lately...it seems like just a couple of bags of groceries now always ends up costing $100+.

    We're just lobsters in a pot with the temperature rising...you just don't notice a little at a time.
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    But they said there wasn't any inflation! [dunno]
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    (y) Are you talking about the current liars occupying the White House, or the article?
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    Yep, no inflation pressures if you remove food and fuel from the equation. Hell, at this rate that is what the rest of my money goes for. Ain't anyone buying new cars, clothes, iThingaMaBobs nor flat screen tv's in this house. Got nothing left over since food prices went up about 20 percent this year.

    Coincidentally, the dollar has been on a tear (well except for last week friday) the index on the dollar has gone up 800 basis point vs. the basket which included the Euro and the Swiss Franc. That being the case I'm not surprised that there has been a flight from securities to dollar bonds and out of commodities (higher dollar lower commodity price). It has been pretty interesting to watch. What amazes me is that people are actually taking flight and backing the dollar.

    Don't they know it's not worth the paper it's not printed on?

    Anyway, It's all a great big ponzi scheme. Hold assets (land,fuel,bullets,beans,barters), pay down your debts, live within your means and you'll come out the other side just fine.
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    yes, just getting started on prepping and groceries are going up every week makes it hard to get enough to eat and save some. Did buy extra buy one get one free items to put up. Does anyone know how long storage water will last? Put water in 15 of the 2 liter pepsi bottles plain no bleach how long will it be safe to drink?
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