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    On whim, I forked over a couple bucks and bought a copy of the latest HPH web bot report. Holy cow, I could barely read the thing. For being a linguist, that one guy sure can't write. It was like trying to pick through hieroglyphs.

    Does anyone read them regularly? I only got about 1/4 way through before I had to put it away and save it for a more focused day.

    What kind of percentages do these guys get?

    Are they more accurate in some areas than others? I could buy some of the economic stuff, but the getting into the NWO was dicey.
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    I;'ve seen a couple of free ones on halfpasthuman I think...yeah alot of big words strung together.their biggest claim to fame is one of the first reports "predicted" a world shaping event before 9/11
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    I've been getting them for years (which explains many of my psychological difficulties [fnny] ). Occasionally frighteningly accurate (land driven back into the mud - Dec2004 tsunami, woman with 2 blind eyes will destroy a city in the SE USA - 2 weeks later Katrina, big earthquake on 34th parallel - Pakistan on date predicted) sometimes right with a big but (NE power outage - right date but "terrorism" and "abandoned city") a lot of "the linguistic data isn't clear". The last report is very negative, but the way things are going I would expect that. Clif says he's interpreting psychological irruptions from the unconscious into language, which are going to be a lot like dreams, so even if he's right I don't think it could be really linear/logical.

    Also, I believe a lot of media bias/fear-based programming gets incorporated into the webbots data. The "Israeli mistake" has been predicted for "very soon" in the reports for years but hasn't happened. It sound a lots like a rehash of anti-Israel propaganda, picked up and interpreted by the bots as legit fears.
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    Here at Survival Monkey, we believe the Webbot is a powerful tool. In fact, we have created our own webbot and named it Tango3. It is a posting machine and can find ever obscure and varying articles varying from the number of aliens anticipated to invade the world to how long it will take for the earth to begin to spin backwards and the extent to which Big Brother will go to undermine the people by tracking the number of toilet flushes it takes to "finish a job".

    We call this our Tangobot project. We should start a blog.
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    :D[beer]:oops:Why ,I'm flattered.( buy a subscription $9.95 a month)
    from a latoc thread:

    We may never get the chance to find out. ​
    There has been so much ripping off of the "Shape of things to come" report in torrent sharing and on web sites out of places like the Netherlands, that we're being forced to shut down the whole project. While it may appear to some (low-life types) that file-sharing of the reports wouldn't be noticed, not only has it been noticed, but it has driven a stake through the project. ​
    The reason is that the costs of the project run in excess of $20,000 per month and we'd been counting on revenue from sales of the reports to pay for bandwidth. Since the rip-off artists have effectively killed the paid downloads by giving it away free, Cliff is forced into the position of shutting down future reports unless we can find another way to cover the $25K/month in project costs.​

    Best reply in that thread about thewebbot going away:
    "The webbot shoud have seen this coming and planned accordingly. [​IMG]
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    Recent webbot news: Clif said he's going to do one more report, probably in September, after which so much S will be HTF that there won't be any point in continuing.

    P.S. The "alien wars" start next year. THEY are coming. Get you shotguns loaded and your tin foil hats ready. [tinfoil101][gone]
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    Let 'em come on down there's plenty of fermented grain beverage in the temperature reduction container for all!...And I've got the new "blorgs gone wild III" DVD!
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