Quail keeping and butchering

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    from wiki =
    "The bulk of this, roughly 80 percent of the adult quail diet, comes from seeds and grains. They eat other plant material and sometimes insects. By eating foods other than grains, quail ensure that they are getting trace elements and other nutrients they need."
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    For commercial ration information, visit the referenced site. Quail are omnivorous, so will eat insects as well. Soldier fly larvae would fit well into their menu.

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    I like that pvc no-spill feeder.
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    I figure the feed I gave my chickens would do for quail. I grew clover and purslane and fed this to my chickens. I bought a head of Romaine lettuce for a week. I read that Romaine is very high in protein and is at the head of a list of greens that are good for you. I would give one or two slivers of a head to them each day and they loved it. I also gave them mealworms I raised. You need plenty of protein for eggs. I also left some crushed sea shell out. Cracked corn is good to leave out for chickens in the evening to help them through really cold nights. Potatoes are enjoyed by chickens. Stuff like pumpkins and squash would be good also. I did have regular feed but fed it sparingly and usually left a feeder of it when I would be out of town. my eggs were very tasty and had a nice orange color to them. My methods were not cheaper than store bought eggs but they were much better! I want to raise quail myself in the future and just reading what is in feed is a turnoff. Good feed for tasty eggs!
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