Quarter Million Germans take to the streets to protest TPP trade deal

Discussion in '3 Percent' started by Katana Lee, Oct 13, 2015.

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    The Trans Pacific Partnership is the latest "free trade" deal brought to you by the architects of the new world order. It affects almost every aspect of your life - jobs, medicine, internet...

    This trade deal expands upon NAFTA, which gutted American industry.

    Much of the trade deal was written in secret minus the participation of representatives of the world's citizens.

    Here is a summary of what is known about it

    Trans-Pacific Partnership

    Our lapdog Senate gave Obama fast track privileges - Congress only gets to vote up or down on the treaty once it is finalized by the White House, and they do not have the ability to offer amendments to it.

    Something to think about when that many Germans, who are not prone to in the street protests, take to the streets.
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