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    If you have ever been to Quebec most of the French speaking Quebeckers fit the arrogant French stereotype.
    Many English speaking Canadians I know say screw them we have bent over backwards to accommodate them let them go.

    I wonder if this may start a movement in western Canada to do the same thing and are not fond of what the see as Ottawa messing with them.

    Not to mention the fact that it cuts Ontario off from the Atlantic and the impact on trade and the markets.



    Marois' side-splitting vision of separate Quebec | Columnists | Opinion | Toronto Sun

    Québec independence movement | Thematic Tours | Musée McCord Museum

    As Quebec election shifts spotlight to independence, economy falls to back burner | Financial Post

    Hello, 1995 called. They’d like their constitutional crisis back.

    I laughed out loud last week when Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois said if her party wins Quebec’s April 7 provincial election and then wins a referendum on independence, a separate Quebec would continue to use the Canadian dollar as its official currency and seek a seat on the Bank of Canada board.

    Good luck with that, Ma’am.

    If you someday find yourself the leader of a newly independent Quebec, you’re welcome to use whatever currency you want. (May I suggest the giant limestone, doughnut-shaped Rai of the Micronesian island of Yap.)

    But you get no say – none whatsoever – over the central bank and monetary policy of the country you left. Imagine how ridiculous it would sound if Marois announced an independent Quebec would use the U.S. dollar and demand a seat on the Federal Reserve board.

    The one-sided thinking of Quebec nationalists never ceases to amaze. They want their own country because they are tired of Ottawa meddling in what they see as their affairs. Yet they see nothing hypocritical or even logically inconsistent with turning around and demanding they be given a say in setting interest rates and money supply for the rest of Canada.

    Marois also said if Quebec separated there would be no borders with Canada. Goods and people would flow freely between, as they do now.

    That’s nice, but she hasn’t the authority to promise that. It takes two sides for a free-trade agreement or to promise passport-free travel, and Marois represents just one side.

    When you have driven over the Canada-U.S. border, you may have noticed there are customs stations on both sides of the border. Neither country can dictate to the other whether or not it erects barriers to the movement of people and good
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    Before I read this, let me just say that as a person who has lived in Quebec their entire life, Marois's view on politics is so forced. She's not the one I'll have my imaginary vote for this April.

    She's generally just a person I don't like. There was a video I would share with you all, but it's not worth it. Trust me, your brain will thank you for it.

    Marois/PQ =:lol:
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    If they leave , PAY YOUR BILL you French Freeloaders !!! ,, They won't It's a stupid ploy for more Crap. We have had enough of there lip !!
    Problem one , Canada makes Squat , Usa make stuff that Canada buys at 3 times the cost Because of French MUST be on the label , and were at 35Mil against 400ml (we both have non hands up , I here folks ) Poof , -1 frogs , -2 is they want frog in all government offices , in paper & tongue ,cost way more .


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    If they do split from Canada, I hope we don't give them a dime from the U.S. It will be fun to watch their economy collapse without support from the rest of Canada and the U.S.

    They don't have the industrial base or natural resources to make it on their own. They would have to turn Quebec into one giant strip mine to support their current economy without outside support. Although they have a very good supply of copper, zinc and other metals, they would need to throw all their environmental laws out the window to export enough to support their current standard of living.

    Quebec has taken more from the rest of Canada than they have given for generations.
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    Now only if we can get the NW a vote to create our own country. Or get British Columbia and Alberta part of the US. :).
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