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  1. BTPost from what I have read and what I've been told you are the coms guru. I have a question with more to follow in the future. I have an old (70's or maybe earlier) scanner, last night I tried to key up a new radio I bought with the scanner on and it didn't pick it up. Did they change CB radios to digital as well? if so is the scanner I have crap.

    I have a semi understanding on how radios work but the fine print gets a bit fuzzy.
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    Scanners are usually designed for VHF (30-300 Mhz) and UHF (300- 3000 Mhz) FM reception, and CB is AM/SSB at 27 Mhz... so the two are typically Mutually Exculusive. Try you scanner on Ham Channels between 146.00 and 147.5 Mhz. You should be able to hear some chatter, in there, just for testing. There is NO Digital on CB, allowed, so that is not the issue. ...... YMMV...
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    What kind of scanner is it?
  4. Robyn Porta-Scan 2000B Working with Broody Hens: Let Mama Do It (Part One)

    This is a picture of it i found on the net.
    Sadly BT I don't have a radio that I can pick up those channels on. Honestly not sure what type I would need to get. I want to get a set of radios that would be semi-secure or as secure as I could get but don't know where to start looking or what to really look for.
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    The question is "How far do you need to talk?" If your intentions are for local AoO (Area of Operation) Comms, the you may be interested in the SECURE Comms System that is talked about in the Advanced Comms Forum. If you need Regional or Statewide Comms, then you enter into a whole different realm. There really is no Regional or Statewide Licensable Commercial System in the USA, except for Alaska. So your likely only route is Ham Radio. .... YMMV....
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    With that scanner you have to choose the freq you want to listen to, then order a crystal for that frequency and install it on one of the eight channels. It's not like a modern synthesized scanner than can receive any frequency in it's range.
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