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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vetter, May 20, 2013.

  1. Vetter

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    I've recently begun cerakoting firearms as a side business. The interest has been crazy!
    I'm to the point of needing a legitimate business name. and getting my FFL.....
    So, here's my question/s
    I've heard that when a soldier paints his weapon, they say "they've gone Full Hooah".
    Is this widely used?
    Would military guys find offense to a civi using "Hooah" in the name of a biz?
    "Full Hooah, Weapon Coatings"
    I'm very appreciative of those who have served!!

    Im open to suggestions as well!
  2. Mindgrinder

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    Give a Vet or active duty discount.
    Problem solved.
  3. techsar

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    "Hooah" is an Army term, and painting a weapon (at least in the Corps) was traditionally considered defacing military property, and chargeable as such.

    I would not find the term offensive at all, but Mindgrinder's suggestion would stir a lot more interest IMHO.
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  4. Yard Dart

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    We were not allowed to paint our weapons in the Army back when I was still in. If they are doing that now days I am very surprised!! As @techsar said, that would be defacing mil. property and would be a UCMJ offense. Regardless, giving the discounts as @Mindgrinder suggested to the Vet's or active duty is always a plus and appreciated!! There is no offense in Hooah but that might not go so well with some of the other services more dainty feelings. :D
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  5. Silversnake

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    Never go full hooah. 'Nuff said?
  6. bfayer

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    Here is my take, if you are not .Mil and have never served it would come across to me as a little scummy. Kind of like all the used car lots just outside the bases that put up all the flags and support the troops signs.

    This is just my opinion if saw that name I would assume it was run by a former .Mil. When I found out it wasn't I would be thinking WTF.

    If you are former Military, have at it. If not you might want to just be who you are and keep it real.
  7. Brokor

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    First, I don't think soldiers of any branch are painting their (military issued) weapons. In order for this to happen, they would need to bring the rifle to be painted, certainly on base only since leaving base with a military weapon would be an offense. Even on base, it's considered garrison or training, and weapons are only ever signed out for training and then stored in the armory. As a former armorer, I can say that anybody in the Army caught painting any weapon would be in trouble. This is probably all about PERSONAL FIREARMS.

    Operators and the occasional black sheep armorer might paint a mil issued weapon, but that's a smaller market.

    @Vetter good luck with the business. I don't like the term "Hooah", since it's only Army jargon, and it really isn't widely known outside the military. You might confuse a lot of your potential market by using a difficult term in the name of your business. Something simple like "A-1 weapon coating, LLC" would be easier to comprehend.
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  8. bfayer

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    My understanding is some commands were letting their folks in Afghanistan paint their weapons. The weapons were required to be turned back in unpainted.

    The troops were bombing them with krylon and then striping them with gasoline before they ship back home.

    The army issued an instruction back in 2012 on how to do it. Google TACOM MIM 10-040.

    My understanding is most folks decided it was in their best interest not to do it.
  9. Vetter

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    I'll have a fat discount for service men, irreguardless of name!!!
    Assuming some ammount of $$ success, prob do those wounded, for free.
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  10. bfayer

    bfayer Keeper Of The Faith

    Anything you can do to support wounded warriors is always a plus. I still recommend not using a military sounding name if your not military.

    Personally, I care about the businesses reputation and service not it's name. You could call yourself "Crappy Rattle Can Coatings Inc." for all I care, but if you provide good service for a reasonable price and have a good rep, I'd buy from you. But if you called yourself "Elite Military Coatings" and crapped on your customers, I would not buy from you if you were free and still offered a discount.

    I can't speak for everyone on here or in the military, but I suspect most over the age of 17 that don't live in their moms basement would probably agree.
  11. Yard Dart

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    "A Gun Gone Wild" [2c]
  12. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    "Gun's Gone Wild" ;)
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  13. kellory

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    "Tarted Toys";)
  14. Akheloce

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    As a former Army soldier, and currently Air Force, the term "full Hooah" is somewhat derogatory towards the person being described. Kind of like going John Wayne or Rambo... The person is being made fun of as going too far. The term "PX Ranger" is similar... The guy who goes all out at Military Clothing Sales" to buy all the tacticool crap.

    I don't think military men would be offended, but would rather snicker at the name.
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  15. Vetter

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    That's exactly what I was concerned about.
    Thanks for your help guys!
  16. I know a guy in the Army (currently National guard after served in the army for many years) that Krylons his Remington 700 and mentioned that was common practice (showed me a pic of his beat down rifle with Krylon peeling off along with other guys in the unit with the same). I don't know if the sniper guys all get additional leeway, or if it just goes by whatever unit you are in and how big a douche the officers are.

    He was deployed in Iraq for quite a while, so I don't know if they allow additional leeway for that over there given the need, as opposed to guys serving stateside who have no actual need to deface the weapon with paint.
  17. Mechwolf

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    personally id call it FUBAR Tactical;)
  18. Brokor

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    Yes, the sniper rifles or any DM rifles often get painted, but it's the commander's discretion since he's signed for the property. I had an issue with one company I was assigned, where even the 1SG would stick his nose in and make demands, but the bottom line is, whoever is signed for the property at the end of the tour decides, and that's the armorer and the CO. :)
  19. STANGF150

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    Ummm......I also know the term "hooah" used for lady parts =X
  20. Vetter

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    I believe thats Hooha. Not Hooah. But I may be wrong..........
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