Question on Mylar storage of dried foods

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    I want to try something different for a 25 pound of dried Green Split Peas. I am new at this, only been doing it a few months, so thought I would asked if anyone else has tried it.

    I normally store my bags of beans/beans/rice in a food grade 5 gallon bucket lined with a 5 gallon Mylar bag which includes 2500cc of Oxygen Absorbers and heat seal it. Standard procedure. I remove the beans from the factory bag and pour them into the Mylar bag that lines the bucket. And, there they stay. To use it, one simply opens the bucket and cuts open the Mylar, beans remain in Mylar and bucket.

    What I want to try and do differently is include the heavyduty factory bag that the beans/beans/rice comes in, cut the top open, place the ENTIRE bag inside the Mylar bad (bag and beans), insert the OAs and heat seal the Mylar. Anyone see a problem with that?

    I want to do this so that if I open the Mylar outer bag I can then remove the bag of beans to transport it instead of the bucket. For example, I want to give a bag to the neighbors but want to keep my bucket. They Mylar is not the strong, certainly it will not hold up with 25 pounds of beans shifting around but the heavy bag will.
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    My thought is empty the product into a bucket, place the Mylar into the original sack, refill the Mylar, seal and sew up the outer bag! May as well let the outer bag protect the Mylar too!
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    I am doing smaller 5 gallon bags sealed in the 5 gall bucket with O2 packets in everything.
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    Damn, Sgt! I like that idea even better!!! I will try it! why in the world didn't I think of that????? Geez, peas...:rolleyes:

    Good catch! Thanks!
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    Thanks! I try! :D
  6. Need a little piece of mind. I've just recently jumped into the long time food storage game after learning to can, dry, and grow food. I made a pretty substantial investment, for me anyway, and filled fourteen food safe five gallon buckets with various dry goods (flour, corn meal, steel cut oatmeal, etc...). Added the oxygen sucker things. Then hammered on lids with gaskets. Finally, (long story longer) I decided to buy some more mylar bags and ran through the reviews. Genius I know! many people were complaining about pinholes. The question, is all my preparation for naught or will I still get some substantial shelf life out of my efforts?
    Sorry in advance if i've posted this question in the wrong place. I'm new to the whole forum setting. I avoid technology as much as possible. And if I have, please point me in the right direction for my inquiry.

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    I would not place all of the beans/peas in one bag... I would split it into maybe 5 lb bags and place salt matches, sugar, spices, can opener, water purifier, pot, etc. so I had a variety of food types in one bucket it will save you from getting burned out on one food (appetite fatigue) and allow you to have several necessities in a bucket if you have to grab it and go....
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