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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by WindWarrior, May 3, 2012.

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    I am a ham noobie and I'm trying to maintain comms with my XYL using two 2m/70cm dual band HTs well outside of their simplex TX range while I am mobile. So far, I have been able to accomplish this by either: 1. Receiving on the repeater freq where she is located and TXing on the closest repeater to me. I need to change the repeater on which I am TXing when I move out of range, so she keeps her HT TXing on her local repeater and sets the other channel to scanner mode (of area repeaters programmed in memory) waiting for my TX. 2. I can use an echolinked repeater, but I would prefer to be as much off grid as possible. There are non-internet-based linked repeaters in my area, but I don't know how to use them. When I TX to one of these repeaters, will my signal will be TXed through all of the linked repeaters? Do I have to specify/call a specific repeater using DTMF? Thanks!
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    Linked repeaters can be set up numerous ways. You need to find out who is in charge of the repeaters and find out which repeaters they can (or allow) links with. DTMF is commonly used to bring up menus allowing connects, but I have no idea if the ones in your area are like that. Some repeaters allow NO linking.

    Of course, you could get better antennae and possibly not even need to link...

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    There are as many ways to use Repeaters, as there are Repeaters. Usually the local Ham Club, or Repeater Group sponsors Linked Repeaters to cover specific Geographic Areas. Many times the Clubs, or Groups, require a Subscription to join the Group. Many of these type Systems have Open Repeaters, that are available to all Hams, but the Linking Packages, AutoPatch Functions, and other Advanced Features are by Subscription ONLY. You can find out who owns the Repeater by copying it's Morse Callsign and then do a Lookup on QRZ.COM. Then contact the owner, and just ASK. Most repeater operators are more than Happy to answer any questions, about their repeater, and or, System. Momma and I, ALWAYS travel with Comms available, Cell, Ham, and SECURE.... ..... YMMV.... Bruce in alaska AL7AQ ** Alaskachick Debbie in alaska KL7WJ

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    Thanks. I'll contact the repeater owners.
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    Nice list, Tikka.

    But I can say without a doubt that it is missing several repeaters (ones that have been in operation for decades).

    If your area shows no repeaters, don't give up!!!
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    A good list is hard to find.

    As techsar said the list isn't 100%. Try scanning the repeater sub band.

    If a 2m beam is possible I'd give it a try. VHF/UHF does right well if it is line of sight. I've been 5x5 using an HT with a base load 5/8 wave simplex about 9 air miles.
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