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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by andy, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. andy

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    I need some help from our Monkies in the Army.

    I have chosen to get out of the Navy at the end of my enlistment. I'm enlisting into the Army and have been offered a few MOS where i can keep my E5 pay which is important to keep the mouths fed.

    So, does anyone know about 35L (counter-intel.), 35H (common ground station analyst[dunno])or 46Q (Public Affiars)? i have tried the GoArmy web site and they had some info, but if say all 46Q's do is chase a Maj around while he shakes hands is not on the top of my list of things to do. i do like the sound of counter-intel. but i'm not sure just yet.

    As i will be going to MEPS at the end of the month, any help will be great!
  2. dragonfly

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    My personal choice would most definitely be Intel!
    When you leave the military, the world's your oyster!
    Great background for a number of positions and opportunities!
    Good Luck!
  3. Brokor

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    Well, this is my fourth (and final) MOS in the I do have a little to share.

    First, Infantry (11B) sucks. I will forever regret being a meat shield, long ago.

    Second, being a tanker (19k) is sometimes cool, but mostly it sucks. You are reduced to being an infantry soldier (with no tank) in Iraq/Afghanistan.

    Andy, there are all kinds of opportunities, but it depends on what is available and if you qualify (GT Score). I am assuming that you have a score higher than 112, which will land you just about any job. There are different jobs in INTEL. I know for a fact that the intel MOS is not an easy tasking -they deploy with Battalion level ops, individuals can be attached to line companies at times, and tasks like guarding prisoners, interrogations, frequent reporting to officers -makes this a job more suitable for those who enjoy it. I found that there are quite a few females in the intel field by the way. :)

    If you are considering Logistics (supply), then you had better be comfortable around minorities, because standard white caucasians are vastly outnumbered. This goes for the Bn level (92A), and unit level (92Y). Besides this (minorities are more racist than anybody else in my experience), you will have to overcome being sabotaged, let down by higher ranking soldiers, forced out of place, and accused of being racist yourself. If you already get along with ghetto/rap/thug/gangsta types, high percentages of criminal activity, and ebonics as the preferred method of communication -then this field is for you. In the civilian world, this MOS offers you a very decent career opportunity...and minority or not, you actually stand a better chance to succeeed in the civilian (competitive) market.

    MY PERSONAL OPINION, Just don't buy into what the Army recruitment says, check it out yourself as best you can, NEVER sign up for a long period at a time (stay with minimum always), and go into a field which can offer you a civilian job, either DoD or not. The BEST FIELD I have ever known in my career, is that of Signal/Radar support, either as technicians or operators, these people get to work (while at home station) at US AIR BASES, and when they deploy, still get to work at US AIR FORCE FOB's. As we may already know, the Air Force gives you many more times the amenities, and housing is better really is nice (so I hear) to be a permanent attachment to an Air Force retinue. Remember, this is a US ARMY career opportunity -you are not AF. ALTERNATIVELY, check into the GREEN to GOLD option -officers get paid the best, have most of the time to themselves (they don't do much), and can quit whenever the hell they want to. And even a lifetime careered Sergeant Major has to salute a wet-behind-the-ears 2nd Lt just out of school! The Army is AWESOMENESS.

    In the end, I would just like to add (only 15 days from my ETS) that the ARMY SUCKS, it has seriously degenerated into a cesspool of idiots and overpaid brassholes, and I can't WAIT to be a civilian once again!!! WOOOO-HOOO! 11 years down the drain!
  4. Tango3

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    oh; I want to be a
    chairborne ranger...
    I want to work from 9-5!
    I want to work in the
    air conditionin'
    I want to keep my ass alive!
    Airforce retired ! zero regrets :)
  5. andy

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    Brokor, thank you very much...

    so far i'm leaning toward intel, and the Green to Gold is an option i am really interested in. i'm not buying anything the recruiter says. i have tried the local VFW, and some former Army guys that have crossed over into the Navy. Most have had negeative things to say, truth be told if i was asked about the Navy i'd say close to the same things. so if i get to MEPS and there are no jobs that i'm intrested in and/or theywon't let me keep E5 i'm not signing anything.

    thanks again for the info, if i switch i'll keep it short, and will stay away from Log/supply

  6. ghrit

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    The grass is always greener. Stay Navy, go warrant if you are in for the long haul.
  7. WestPointMAG

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    I bet they have one for a childcare provider that way you could get hazardous duty pay considering the way kids behave now days.
  8. Seawolf1090

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    I did the 'switch services' thing too - first hitch USAF then crossed to USN for my second hitch. Nice thing there is, going to USN or USAF for the 2nd is NOT having to do bootcamp. BUT, going to Army or Marines, bootcamp is necessary. I had only to do a two-week OSVET ("other service veteran") indoc training on Recruit Side at Great Mistakes. Easy duty! The Chiefs didn't know what to do with us - they couldn't make us do the silly 'run everywhere, salute everybody' crap they pull on recruits. AND... I had a car. Makes one VERY popular on Recruit Side. [beer]
    You might check out whatever the Army equivalent is to JAG work - if you like legal work. Good job prospects when you get out.
    Like was said earlier - I'd definitely avoid suppy jobs. Lots of 'under the table' crap going on there too. Guys get busted all the time.
  9. andy

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    thanks guys i go to MEPS in the morning
  10. Brokor

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    Good luck [cmfrt]
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