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    Rougarou and loup Garou some say are the same thing, a werewolf, but others say a Rougarou is Bayou equivalent of a bigfoot, sasquatch, or skunkape...some areas a Rougarou sucks blood out of an animal and in others, it tears them this a colloquial thing? And how do you cook them?
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    Close but no Gumbo...Rougarou is 1st cousin to a skunk ape...
    Loup Garou is a swamp werewolf...Moon is his controlling factor...Good Luck...!
    Rougaru suck's no blood...It just tear's you apart...
    Loupe Garou will only eat the choice cut's...
    I have no idea what colloquial thing is but i suspect it has something to do with ''Blood Boudin''..Good Stuff !!
    No one has ever attempted to cook either and survived to post a recipe...
    Don't Be the First to Attempt to Do So!!!
    I hope this clear's up any rumor's beyond the Acadian Parish's...
    A side note: The rest of the 49.5 state's may catch up one day,But i ain't hold'n my breath...
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    Neither of you work for the tourist bureau I presume
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    I have decided to visit with 40 Creek...Two finger standard measure...
    It appear's to be a Fine Cajun Whiskey what's made in Canada...
    I shall call it O'saka Du Canada..
    Tourist's...Hmm,I leave them to the Rougarou...
    40 creek.
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    Let me translate...A goofy bird that stand's in the ditch with it's mouth open to the rain...and drown's standing up...
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    Thought that was the standard libetard stance when obummer walks by....;)
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    It is !!!
    May the rain's of change hit D.C. this fall....
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