Quitting Smoking

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by melbo, May 29, 2007.

  1. melbo

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    Found this and felt it worth re-posting.

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  2. Seacowboys

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    or just quit. Don't make a big deal out of it and just stop.
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  3. Quigley_Sharps

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  4. Seacowboys

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    People have gotten in the mind-frame where they let the events around them dictate what they do and how they do it, rather than making up their mind to follow their own path. Yea, it' a hell of a lot easier to walk the well-beaten path, all the brush is cleared but you never see anything new and your shoes get muddy. Having said that, everyone expects the horrors of with-drawal from smoking like it is a painful event; some kind of torture. Going to share a secret with you smokers here; it ain't that bad and it ain't such a big deal, so get over it. You can expect a little nervous agitation on occasion and you can learn to laugh at old habits reaching for your shirt pocket but you won't tremble or shake and you will truly be surprised to find the memory of how refreshing a good deep breath of pure air can be. Exhale as deeply as you can; force all the air from your lungs, then breath a long deep breath and hold it for just a moment before exhaling completely in one smooth motion. You can feel the calming focus radiating from your center. You start to realize that you control your decisions and feel stronger for it. Funny to discover that breathing is an exercise that many of us have forgotten or never learned to do properly; learn to breath.
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  5. jefferson

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    Today so many people are likes to quit smoking habits in their life, but unfortunately only few of them are quit this habit. Few of them are using anti-smoking pills. Some rehabilitation center also supports to overcome this habit. Mind control and motivation is very important to overcome this health issue.
  6. CraftyMofo

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    Maybe trade it in for a less bad habit
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  7. Dunerunner

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    Glad I quit in my 40's. Didn't prevent a heart attack at 70 though, I didn't die!
  8. johnbb

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    Quit when I married --wife (nurse) said either I quit or she wouldn't marry me--been 40 something years
  9. Wildbilly

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    I was smart, cause I never started! During the years that I worked in the liquor business, I refused to sell alcohol and cigarettes to former drinkers and smokers that were trying to get off the wagon. They might have bought it somewhere else, but I wasn't going to do it!
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  10. chelloveck

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    I never took it up, and am glad that I did not...all my siblings are smokers, as were our parents before they passed on...my mother smoked regularly until her early forties, and quitting made a significant positive difference to her health...she lived to 91...my father smoked heavily until his late 50's, and then moderated his smoking somewhat over the following 20 years, but he had to have triple bypass heart surgery and stents in some of his arteries in his early 80's, which prolonged his life by several years, but he suffered awfully from peripheral neuropathy in the last years of his life and was a bedridden invalid towards the end. My mother died from injuries from a fall, otherwise she'd probably still be going strong.

    When I was young, smoking was something of a social thing, and there was a group dynamic that encouraged sharing the habit, particularly when with the military...especially during breaks in training and the 'hurry up and wait' / 'great coats on - greatcoats off' moments that invoked boredom and the need to fill it with chit chat and braggadocio bullshittery. I was always the odd one out in that context. I can't stand to be in close proximity to smokers, nor in confined places where there is cigarette smoke.

    That said, My grandfather's acrid pipe tobacco, and my father's Amphora sweet pipe tobacco aromatics are as memorable to me today, when as a youngster, I smelled it many decades ago.

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  11. DKR

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    Ditto - my wife was an old-school farm girl. I quit 47 years ago just before we married.
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  12. Wildbilly

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    Pipe tobacco smoke just smells good, all other kinds of tobacco smoke just stinks! Historical fact of the day: Back in the 1600's when tobacco from Virginia was first gaining popularity in England and the rest of Europe, tobacco was expensive. Also, nobody chain smoked all day long, smokers usually had a pipe of tobacco after a meal or at the local pub with their ale. Tobacco was either smoked in pipes or dipped/sniffed in the form of snuff, as cigars and cigarettes were not around yet. People of the time had lung problems, but that was almost entirely due to indoor/outdoor air pollution, and disease.
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  13. Wildbilly

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    To all of you that have quit smoking or using tobacco in other forms, I admire you will power and determination. I have known several people that have quit smoking, most because of health scares or doctor telling them that they had cancer or COPD. Two people that didn't are my BIL, that decided one day to stop smoking...and did! Another was a young woman that I once dated, she had given up drinking a few years before we hooked-up and stopped smoking not long after we started dating. She had a number of admirable qualities, both physical and non-physical, but the fact that she was able to overcome both of these powerful addictions was truly impressive and awe inspiring to witness.
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